Germany Stop Cancelled

Over on the CPLs website ( ), it has been announced that CPL Germany has been cancelled.

The Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL) announced today that after careful consideration and extended discussions with its strategic partners and sponsors it has canceled the German World Tour stop.
The CPL partners encountered critical logistical challenges with the proposed venue, and with the use of Painkiller (a Mature-rated game) in Germany.

The CPL is in negotiations for a new stop in Europe that would take place after the United Kingdom stop, and before the end of the year.

Competitors that had confirmed air travel for Germany and need special assistance should contact Scott Valencia immediately via email. More information about the new World Tour stop will be available at a later date.

The CPL World Tour, the largest, first-ever, year-long competitive tour spotlighting the growing new sport of video game competitions, is primarily sponsored by Intel. Another leading sponsor of the World Tour is NVIDIA.

You can find the news post here:

0 thoughts on “Germany Stop Cancelled

  1. How about… an Ireland stop 😀

    or transylvania – Romania – bit of vampire slaying with that stake gun 😀

  2. This damn stupid bastards… sry but this is really a extrem big joke. A Tourney planned for nearly a year canceled 3 weeks before because of probs who where known since ever… this is a real step backwarts for the esports and/or the CPL … this is not Sport… was CPL does is damn fun and time waisting.
    I my further gaming “carrier” i will not participate on another CPL Event, nobody can be sure anymore if it will take place.

    Just fu**ed up…

  3. Yes, just ignore the fact that the CPL is doing something amazing with the World Tour (provide $1,000,000 of prize money for COMPUTER GAMING), and boycott them because of a few mistakes they make along the way. Grow up.

  4. Word Tectonic.,
    CPL is the only tour that is putting this kind of money on the game..
    No hard feelings at cpl, so what.
    The where some probs and they cancelled it.. big deal.
    They are still the BIGGEST and the BEST tour makers EVER

    /callvote kick pazzzi ass

  5. I was going to consider going to another stop but this completely changed my mind. I would not want to pay for an $800 plane ticket then have the stop cancelled a few weeks before the stop.

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