TsN: Three Continents in 3 Weeks

The Team Sportscast Network is extremely proud to announce the most ambitious coverage campaign in gaming history in conjunction with the conclusion the CPL World Tour. Over the course of the next three weeks, TsN will be broadcasting from three different continents in three weeks: Singapore, Asia on October 14-18th, Milan, Italy on October 20-23rd, and Santiago, Chile on October 28-30th. These three events represent the end of the $1,000,000 CPL World Tour, a worldwide Painkiller competition taking place in nine different countries throughout the course of this year.

After having raised the bar for competitive gaming media at the previous two CPL events, TsN is poised once again to take the level of gaming coverage to a new level by embarking on a marathon of gaming coverage all across the planet. “This series of events will be unlike anything we have done previously,” said Hunter Luisi, CEO of TsN. “This campaign represents the completion of TsN’s transition to providing a truly professional quality sports production.”

As a part of TsN’s ongoing commitment to the advancement of professional gaming, TsN is excited to announce the unveiling of the first part of the new TsN website. The next few weeks will serve as a preview of the new site, which will be launched in November after the conclusion of the World Tour. The new site has been completely redesigned and retooled to be more in line with TsN’s renewed focus on video production, and will serve as the gateway for future TsN expansion.

The Team Sportscast Network would like to thank Intel, NVIDIA, and Insomnia 365 for their continued support of competitive gaming and for assisting TsN’s efforts to bring the most complete gaming experience to gamers all around the world. TsN would also like to extend its gratitude to TypeFrag and Art of War Central for their ongoing commitment to the success of TsN and the CPL.

About TsN

The Team Sportscast Network, L.L.C., is an online broadcast and media organization. Since its inception in 1999, TsN has pioneered the use of online media to deliver programming specifically targeted at the competitive gaming community. Utilizing both video and audio, TsN continues to lead the market through technical innovation and unparalleled quality.

About the CPL

The Cyberathlete Professional League®, recognized worldwide as pioneers of the professional gaming industry, presents the CPL World Tour, the largest, first-ever, year-long competitive tour spotlighting the growing new sport of video game competitions.

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