Painkiller.euro Invite Finishes

The Painkiller.euro 16 player invitational tournament is now over. We have seen some brilliant games over the past 2 days, and some very memorable shots. The final just got played, which saw Stermy take on world #1 Painkiller player Vo0. Vo0 got off to a good start on DM_fallen2te, but as usual you cant keep Stermy down. He clawed his way back, and ended up taking the map 14:8. Then came Vo0s choice of map DM_Psycho, which for a few minutes looked like Stermy had run away and won the game.. but no.. Vo0 isnt #1 for nothing. He ended up taking the map marginally; 13:8. Last, but not least came DM_Sacred.. the tie breaker map. Vo0 was the favourite going into this map, as he pretty much knows it better than he knows his own home.. this proved to be true, as Vo0 took the map very very comfortably – 29:9.

I would like to thank everyone that participated, its been great fun. I would like to thank all admins that helped out, and ukgamer for providing us servers to play on. We couldnt of done it without you. 🙂

Finally, to all that keep asking.. and I know your eager.. demos will be uploaded sometime Monday, when I have them all, and can evaluate which ones to release. There is also a movie of the event already in production, thanks to our spanish friend cu3rv0. That should be released some time next weekend. Stay tuned.

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  1. For those of you who missed this last night in the channel…

    [01:16] <[pcf]scorpik> relic: I think that if something will be unbalanced… main designer will fix it and release a patch…so don’t worry…

  2. hm netcode… i played on my friends server 100 mbit, WINDOWS! server, and NOT dedicated , ping 33 with 512/128 adsl, its great i think

  3. I don’t see netcode up there. That HAS to be the #1 thing on the list. How can anyone play if the netcodes complete crap?

  4. I’ve played with ping 100+ Even though servers refresh to 60’s 70’s, still get 100+ ping, and well. Its totaly bogus.

    I can barley move. Everything is delayed, form moving to shooting. Very bad netcode. And another HUGE fix they need, is to run the game with virtual drives. I can’t play the game. Only played once, and the next day it wont start. “Failed to Initialize x0c0000005” or something like that.

    Please hurry w/ the patch :/

  5. I think its kinda irritating you have to re-press your keys (forward for example) when you respawn

    hope its going to be fixed too 🙂

  6. Well SANEX^, I agree but those things should not get priority. The things that really damages gameplay should be fixed first.

  7. And you feel that being forced to stand still for a second at spawn isn’t damaging gameplay? Never had your ass staked when you just spawned I presume 🙂

  8. netcode is most important u all blabbing its great omfg .. on a 100mbit ping with high speed internet 30 ping ok … but we dont all have this great internet .. :/
    the game just feels wrong .. like this 🙁

  9. havent played it or anythin yet .. not out here in uk :(((.. but if the netcode sux .. then thats bollox 😛 need to fix it :DD:D:D: ….

  10. Add some historic MAPS like dm6 in pro-q3dm6 and dm1 also blablabla.. add some maps that is well known from other games 🙂 .. worth a try!?
    NETCODE speaks for itself

  11. If anyone has a problem starting the game or wants a no cd fix. I have one. WOrks online aswell, but with a real key that is.

    Painkiller Req’s Fix:
    1. Netcode (ITS A MUST)
    2. Do something with steak gun. Its kinda lame to start out with such a shitty, yet such a powerful weapon.
    3. All the little things people ask for like, respawn, voting, spectating, and all those little things. Which might take time. So i suggest working on the netcode first, so atleast people can enjoy YOUR game :/

    Thank you!!!

  12. a STEAK gun wehehez :L

    could be a good idea, firing T-Bone Steaks at eachother, and the sec. fire is “Eat” mode, when you press it at the right time you will eat the steak instead of getting it hit to your head :X

    this weapon MUST be in the game, #1 priority!

  13. One thing that i dont like (besides the bad netcode, and some other things) is that you cant open the console in the menus..

  14. To all the people saying netcode is fine: stop being fanboys and realize the truth. Unless you have 10 or below ping you can FEEL the lag, bigtime. The only thing that is “good” is shot prediction, and even that sucks because CLICKING THE MOUSE is delayed – lol!

    So yeah looking forward to this… really hope they get this crap patched up before mp demo… don’t want another small-time community 🙁

  15. i heard the netcodes okay, youre just playing on shite servers with shite connections the only servers are offical painkiller servers by gamedaemons here int he states and it is impossible to play if more than 6 people join or your ping is over 60

  16. “i heard the netcodes okay, youre just playing on shite servers with shite connections”
    The only servers are offical painkiller servers by gamedaemons here in the states and it is impossible to play if more than 6 people join or your ping is over 60

  17. The crash to desktop issue while crossing a checkpoint on the first level is very annoying. I really hope the fix this issue as well 😀 and also add TCP/IP to the multiplayer aspect as well. cuz you can’t play on your server and run it at the same time which totally sux.

  18. dont want 2 be dramatic ..but it kinda looks like we are owning and paid for
    a game that simply isnt finished when it comes 2 the multiplayer part.. well
    its easy for me 2 say..its obviouse you ppl put a lot of time in 2 it…but when ppl say that it could be compared 2 quake 3… other ppl expect a netcode that can be compared … seeing this patch..with the line different sounds per player..that should be on the cd we bought tbh

    friendly greets me

  19. Its quite obvious that if painkiller expects to go bigtime ever… Its all riding on this patch. Anyone who says the MP play is fine is obviously an idiot whos running on a 10mb connection and can\’t think what it must be like playing with a 50+ ping. Its just common knowledge in the gaming community in any game that if the netcode is ass the game is unplayable. Lans aren\’t thrown daily and no one wants a game that they can\’t play on net and only lan… The skill in the game will hardly grow. Honestly, This game is still massively in testing stages which is a huge flop on PCF\’s side. This game is no where near ready for the release stages for a serious multiplayer competitive game like they hyped it up to be. Halo is more ready for a competitive stage then this. Lets hope PCF gets their act straight and starts concentrating very quickly on the important things at hand or the 40$ we all spent on the game for it to be huge/competitive was just thrown away. I mean seriously what were they thinking when you can\’t even host a server without having the game running? LOL, that part made me laugh pretty hard. :/ The only hope the few of us that bought the game is… That the multiplayer demo fucking rips shit up like no other and ppl get interested… Otherwise at this pace? Lets all wait for the next \’finished\’ game.

    As for the game itself? Great game, one of the best games I\’ve played in a longtime but, you forgot the most important part of the game. NETCODE thanks.

    – Your Most Humble Poster

  20. There has got to be a way to get the FAN BASE more involved with this tournament process. Ok great. Voo won, but it almost feels like NOTHING really took place. I think NOT announcing the winner is a good start. Having demos of every single freakin match is another, and to be honest… not releasing demos is just hurting the community (this is to the players that have those awesome tactics that just lost). There should be nothing to hide, as well all know its HOW you do what you do. Not what you do.

    At the same time under no circumstance would I want someone to release that does not WISH to. I’m just hoping I can change your mind and your heart.


  21. Roch (zalu?),

    I completely agree. The problem here comes from two sides I think.

    Firstly, gamers themselves who wish to play on a high competitive level don’t wish to have their demos released to keep their competitive edge. To a degree this is understandable, but I agree it doesn’t give much for the rest of the community to learn from, or from which to be inspired. I hope this argument, and your views, help the gamers to think otherwise on this issue also for the good of the game.

    Second to this is the need for PK as a spectator ‘sport’, and not rely on post-event demos. For that we need PKTV, shoutcast, scorebots and the barrage of other small things which go with that. Lots of these we’ve been promised from DC already, and after a reasonable period of development I am sure we will see them in some form. I think we all can imagine from experience from other games what the ideal will be here, and hope for that.

    As for PK demos, tournaments, events, and competitive play, I still think it is early days. By all means push the feedback for the tournament organisers, or what you would feel sets things in place better – we all want the same things here, and we’ll see what comes next 🙂

  22. Feedback: Here are a few things… but I’d like to add pkeuro is one great website.

    The weekend thing is good. Forget playing for 2nd place. Small player count is also a good idea, as is the best of three maps. 🙂

    Don’t invite people EVER AGAIN that don’t show. If they are confirmed and they just disappear they just wasted all nine lives.

    Lets get the TIME the match is supposed to be played and the SCORE on the brackets. Instead of “when we see each other on IRC”

    If someone leaves midgame… lets put the 9 lives factor into effect again. Attitude really is everything.

    Release demos after every single round. ASAP! I’m talking like minutes after completition. So we can relive the carnage instead of read about it. Please do not spoil results before demos.

    Get players that release demos 🙂 I’d rather see Maniax fight Warhog in a tough battle, then read about the awesome leet match that nobody can see. This is a community. This is about all of us. Having a tourny is not technically about FINDING THE BEST PLAYER. This is about creating a vibe, an atmosphere. If Vo0 wants to go rounds with Stelam, they can do that any day. They don’t NEED a tourny to play each other. This is not about THEM it’s about all of us, them included. Did I ever tell you how much I suck at PK 🙂

    I don’t want to have my cake and eat it as well though. Lets not forget EVEN WITHOUT demos, I’m sure we are all happy to have the competitive players around in the community. So don’t take me the wrong way. I’m grateful, I just WISH a few things 😉 I might have to offer Vo0 like a free happy meal or something in exchange for a demo hehe

    I honestly don’t want to be a prick and start telling people what they SHOULD do, but we just cannot disguise the fact DEMOS will help this whole community along.

    I think I better stop now.


  23. The most important part in my opinion is Ritual entertainment has three mappers which are releasing three new maps for PK. Charon, Mr Clean and I forgot the other guy. Charon and Mr are fantastic mappers.

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