TsN : Feel The Pain #3

TsN just finished up the 3rd broadcast of their program Feel The Pain. Each week the guys get together to discuss the recent happenings in the newly revived community of Painkiller. Tonight they spoke about topics such as the new Painkiller expansion pack released this month; Battle out of Hell, the CPL winter tournament, and as always, the CPL world tour. TsN also anounced that Painkiller black edition will be the game used in the CPL world tour, as stated by Angel Munoz on the CPL forums.

Each week TsN also bring in a player from the community to be interviewed by TsN. This week that player was the American new guy Wreck, who as you may know took 5th place at the CPL summer Painkiller tournament. After the interview Wreck then has to go up against another player from the community, for this job TsN brought in the player known as PFB (Pink Fluffy Bunny). Lets hope this guys name doesnt reflect his playing style!

TsN decided Sacred would be the only map played tonight, best of 3. The scores from the matches were as follows:

Wreck 13 : 11 PFB
Wreck 23 : 0 PFB

Some very different scores in the matches, and even though we were unable to watch it, its always fun to listen to the Painkiller matches shoutcasted by TsN.

Anybody who missed the broadcast will be able to download it from the TsN website after it is uploaded tomorrow.


You can find the game demo here: http://www.pkeuro.com/viewdemo.php?demoid=5

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  1. Thanks for the status update PCF, this all sounds really great – and thanks to W4rh0g for logging it for us πŸ™‚

  2. nice to see them taking the netcode stuff seriously (even to the point of removing havok if need be) and that the electrodriver autoaim is gonna be removed πŸ™‚

  3. Thank you [PCF]Adrian for taking some time to answer questions which were of importance to the PK community.

    Keep up the great work guys!

  4. PCF|Adrian* Shotgun power doesn’ t need increasing, but it needs to work better, it’s too random atm.

    yeah, **** the random thing!!!!!!!! do static hitpoints! Noone wants to loose a game just because he had less luck in a 1o1 Shotgun fight!

  5. When someone takes penta, everybody exept that guy that took the penta. will be dissed. just that u know. that didnt know.. =)

  6. Has anyone else experienced mouse lag with MP? It only occurs when I’m on a server with a few people on it. It varies from map to map but it happens even if no one is near me or even if I’m away from skirmishes. I am not sure what causes it exactly but it’s probably partly due to a fps drop.

    The strange thing is when I play these sames maps on a local server I get no mouse lag and no fps drops but if I go online and play these maps in the same areas I get tons of it. So, I know my computer can perform well on these maps but when I go online it seems like my fps drop to 50-60 and my mouse lags for some reason.

    My config is on the FASTEST setting except using 800×600 resolution. My monitor refresh rate at 800×600 is 120hz.

    I’ve tried serveral netcode tweaks and settings. I’ve tried with and without smooth mouse enabled but they don’t seem to help the situation.

    Intel 2.4C @ 3.0Ghz
    Abit IS7 rev 1.0
    Geil Golden Dragon 2x256M PC3500
    SB Live 5.1
    Gainward Geforce4 4200 8X Golden Sample with 45.23 drivers
    Logitech mx300 with default winxp drivers
    2xWD Raptors 36GB 10000RPM in raid0
    Windows XP SP1

  7. For some reason you get major mouselags in dx games when ever your fps drops….It’s been like that for like 4 years now so i doubt there will be a fix for it(feels a little like aquanox when it happens =))

  8. xfoo, yes that would be annoying for the beta testers, and yes that is less than ideal for all fans of pk, but everyone makes mistakes right? I’m sure they listened, but didn’t act on it, because they felt the game was how they wanted, after all 200 opinions (afaik alot of which were probably ‘unqualified’ after being simply plucked from the forums?) is very few and probably not enough in their eyes to warrant making big changes to the game.

    Regardless, you have to ask yourself what’s to be gained by repeatedly making negative comments about the beta phase. The only two possible outcomes are making them look bad, or making yourself look good – both of which are pointless and of no help to anyone. So give it a rest yeah? Be happy they’re listening now, make constructive suggestions (even if you are just repeating what you’ve said many times during the beta) and help to make PK a better game.

  9. Well said Sol.
    And may I say that it is really nice to see such a down-to-earth devteam for a change. πŸ™‚
    Keep it going..

  10. If other game developers spent as much time talking with the community getting feedback, their games might be better to play

  11. This site is dedicated to providing news, (p)reviews and resources for the Painkiller playing public. The hint of fanboyism you may be detecting could only be coming from our energy and motiviation to actually provide this to the public in a constructive manner. Your comments are neither helpful or appreciated.

  12. has anyone got a problem when playing the III level first mission . it seems that when i reach a certain point in the level and pass a checkpoint or do a quicksave the game simply reboots or exits to windows . i hope the patch will fix this prob since i cant advance in the game at the moment

  13. well with all these to be released patches we still have something what we can look forward to, even when the game is released

    uber optimism ;X

  14. They’re more devs than hardcore gamers. IMO they thought that all those major issues just won’t be major issues. Typical, I’d say. Give them time, they’ll see the light πŸ™‚

    BTW, have they seen any good CPMA demos?

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