Best part of Painkiller?

Okay this is not strictly news, but in the absence of news, it is worth strengthening the community by sharing views and discussing… so here goes:

As we take a retrospective look back on Painkiller, the CPL, what was and what wasnt good about Quake 4 and all the other hopefulls, it is worth looking again at Painkiller with the benefit of hindsight.

I would suggest if Painkiller had come out after Doom3 and after Quake4, it would have been much more successful.

I would also suggest that the two things wrong with Painkiller are simply that the netcode was never finished, and that the stake gun and gameplay isnt great for FFA. If you look at the big games out there, they all have good accessible FFA in common. CS, for example, is all about immediately accessible FFA. In PK meanwhile, the skill level means the game can be frustrating for newcomers.

But what does everyone else think? What is good about Painkiller, and what is bad about it? In playing for money, did most players forget to play it for fun?

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  1. Indeed the whole programming of PK (SP (see savegames) and MP) is the worst part of the game. And to me its the only bad part.
    Because the leveldesign (SP), textures and sounds are simply awsome, great and unique.

    And about progaming … a very smal group of them is cool. But most of them are plain arrogant kids. And there only fun (for free) is about playing as ScOoBzOr but beeing someone else.

    To me is pro = nobody pay so i dont play. I prefer to be a poorgamer. 😀

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