Someone to Take the PK++ Torch?

After work on PK++ draw to a close, I have ended up with various small requests for tweaks and new features. Also there are some mods which struggle with various aspects of what PK++ has already done. It would be good to see someone take on further development of PK++ to improve it yet further. It *may* even be possible to improve the netcode slightly from it, and is certainly possible to fix the demo code. I can give pointers to thoughts I had during PK++ on this but ran out of time to fix.

But who will take on the torch?

If you wish to work on PK++, please abide by the licensing, and if you wish to work on it openly through Sourceforge, this can be arranged… just drop me an email at or talk with me Blowfish on quakenet irc.

You can find the source code release, HERE.

0 thoughts on “Someone to Take the PK++ Torch?

  1. I would do,
    if i had a clue.

    Happy that i found notepad,
    wich still makes me mad.

    So no torch for me,
    into darkness i flee.

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