Painkiller PK++ Funcup #2

Mason Gaming has announced another ‘Fun Cup’ for PK using the PK++ mod.[q]Next Painkiller PK++ Funcup is at 03.12.2006.
We play Double Elimination bo3 again.
There will be no bracket problems ! so we can run the cup without any complications. You have to Sign up twice. 1. between 14.11.2006 and 02.12.2005.
2. @ 03.12.2006 between 15:00 and 17:30CET
We start at 18:00CET. For Signup pm mason“ in #pk.1on1 irc Quakenet. #pk.1on1 is this time the official Cup Channel so please perform this Channel and stay there [/q]You can read more about it on

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