n!ScOoBzOr win 2.PK++ Funcup

1.) n!ScOoBzOr
2.) john (?)
3.) dignitas\med!c
4./5.) ZhuChenghu and 360|mason

Demos from the final aviable here

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0 thoughts on “n!ScOoBzOr win 2.PK++ Funcup

  1. My other mates? I only got one mate: agememnon with a Z 😉 he is fine. Nobody knows who john is, he said some old cpl-pk player and that we well never know!

  2. About (the mysterious) john … He sayed:
    – his name got more then 6 lettters
    – living atm in france
    – played at the CPL final

    And if i think about how many times he used the painkiller … then i have a little idea who it might have being. But not for sure. 😀

  3. I saw the final demos, his (John’s) stake was imense, and Scoobzor’s playing was just spectacular:

    that speacial backward bunnyhoping, when very quickly retreating from the foe, fraging lot with pk laser so cleverly, controling around teleporters, man just beutiful.

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