A Small Update

I have not had time to work on it recently, but the last series of tests were promising.

Running PK online at a 6th of the bandwidth and still relatively smooth gameplay. There may still be some issues created by the server not running at a constant rate, which in itself might resolve a lot of the issues. Other things which need attention are:

1. Local client prediction of events (item, teleport, weapon).
2. Item events in PK code are not specified by time (PCF themselves criticised this!). What it means is if you have an update every 50ms, then all events over that last 50ms happen all at once. This is not particularly healthy for the code where 50ms can easily represent 6 or so frames of gameplay. At lower update rates this becomes signifcantly stuttery.
3. Local client anti-lag test, i.e. what you hit on the client is what you hit on the server.

I will keep you updated soon and hopefully issue a early test version. Do not forget that perfection is iterative and it will take time with your help to improve.

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  1. [I][B]…a voice from the darkness…..[/B][/I]

    Blowfish, I can\’t wait to test anything new… 😉

    I\’m just pessimist, because I have a bad connection and I think the +-50 to +-150 ping-flux won\’t tolerate anything and it won\’t be better for me, even if it\’s optimized. But at least when I have a working connection then it will be far better playable…

    We have a 10mbit/1mbit Cable connection here. I\’m limited to 1mbit/256kbit recently (this is 10th of the bandwidth). Earlier I was limited to 2mbit/256kbit, 2mbit/384kbit, 2mbit/512kbit, and even to 2mbit/1mbit. I want to say that I played the game with total different bandwidth-limitations, but it was more or less the same. Now I have only 1mbit DL-rate, but it\’s not worse than it was with 2mbit…

    Therefore… I\’m very curious about how the upgrade will handle my amazing connection\’s issues. I know it will be better, that\’s sure..but how much better? I know I will have to change ISP anyway, but I still have high hopes and I\’m very curious about the improved things. Again, I can\’t wait to try it out as soon as possible! This is my very subjective opinion… 🙂

    Keep up the good work mate and keep us informed! 😉 And THANKS!

    [I][B]SYS \”No sin is too great to be forgiven.\”[/B][/I]

  2. Bloody hell Blowfish, you have been busy! 🙂 I guess you found some more time and motivation.

    Hope all the old guys are well. I’ll be keeping an eye on how it all works out. Have fun!

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