Painkiller 1.5 announced

Developer: PCF (no news … but soon)
Publisher: JoWooD (thx fleabay)
Release: October 26th 2007 and
Platform: PC

I also found 2 german links

It will be a new stand alone title.
Not just an simple expansion! Including new content + new playable character and a brandnew story. And its built on the original PK engine.

Keep in mind its PK1.5 and not PK2 wich will be (so god will) built on an entirely new engine and released 2008/2009.

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0 thoughts on “Painkiller 1.5 announced

  1. No.
    The PSP/PS2 is the (long time ago) announced version from Painkiller (original) at Q3 2007. At least thats what was written on the JoWooD-site (i linked just scroll down).
    So it looks like PSP/PS2 PK wasnt abandoned or they reawaked it.

  2. Yes that was my point. I had assumed because of the long timescales that it had been abandoned. It is interesting that MWS and PCF are more or less workig alongside on the same franchise

  3. Painkiller 1.5 will (!) be released october 26th 2007 (maybe with some delay). Anyhow. But Painkiller for PSP/PS2 wont.

    But PK 1.5 is supposed to have all the new content from the PSP/PS2. Wich indeed sounds like Painkiller 1.5 is just another name for OverDose. But thats still a rumour.

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