ESL Ladder

Half a year ago the ESL Painkiller Ladder returned. Now i see that the League is very inactive. I am a little bit dissapointed about that. It would be nice if some Painkiller players would return into the League.

Please join the Ladder

greetz mason

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0 thoughts on “ESL Ladder

  1. Curious why ESL isnt closing the ladder. 14 registered players and about half of them inactive. And about cups … they should host some.

  2. 1) Registration requires ICQ or IRC, well not all people like those, perhaps they don’t need, people are happy just joining every evening and spending several hours on the servers…

    2) Servers: if there would be about at least 20 serevrs, where all the EU players get MAX 50 ping, no PLosses and stable connection…

    3) Maps: PK lack good maps, serevs should be filled with: Mandra maps, Blink, Bam, Q3DM6, Vengeance, K3Inzane, Sacred, Q1ZTN…

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