Live Painkiller Server List

Can someone check that this Painkiller Server list is accurate? I would like to keep an eye on things 🙂


I am also trying to get a feel for how many people are playing PK these days, and justify any PK++ work.

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One thought on “Live Painkiller Server List

  1. [B][I]…a voice from the darkness…..[/B][/I]

    [I]Hi Blowfish![/I]

    Good to see there\’s at least some hope for seeing new PK++ updates in the future… 🙂

    The list is not 100% accurate, it misses at least 2 Polish Duel-servers where people use to play daily and an upcoming Polish cup will be played on them. But the main servers are there, like: ROD, Noaim Public (sK1p\’s), Alternatywy4, Wspak, Killua\’s – there are players daily on these servers. The most played is ROD, it\’s often full, 10/10 players. Alter4 is also quite frequent: Polish server, so PL-players can play there better. And yesterday I also saw Wspak full (6/6) while 5+ players were playing on ROD also…

    So You can monitor these servers on this list, I checked and it\’s showing the players on the servers correctly…

    Also, in case You decide to work a bit again on PK++, I can help You in anything about testing and also I can invite other players for testing…

    [B][I]SYS \”No sin is too great to be forgiven.\”[/B][/I]

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