New World Tour Coverage Site

Well, I am bored, sat in the office and scouring the net and I come accross this entry in the CPL Forums.

Looks like the CPL have re-launched a new version of their CPL World Tour Coverage Site.

The site is integrated as a part of the main TSN Central Site (our favourite chaps for all things esports related) and seems to contain a lot more new content than the old WT site.

New features include updated World Tour Blogs maintained by some of the shoutcasters attending the WT stops along with galleries (for those of us who are REALLY bored) and lots of other nice bits and bobs.

Admitedly this isnt so much of a news scoop, more of a heads up for anyone whose bored and hasnt stumbled onto the site as of yet.

The official news post can be found here:;f=30;t=000183;p=1#000000

The new site is available here:

Happy reading!

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