PKEURO New Map Available

Starting from an old Q1 map, we present a conversion which suits Painkillers style of play pretty well, and should make for some fun games.

Carnage! Carnage!

Were releasing the map for beta testing, so feedback would be appreciated. It is a pretty sweet map though, if I say so myself.. major props to the original creator, see readme for details.

You can download the map here.

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0 thoughts on “PKEURO New Map Available

  1. 1 thing i dislike on that map is that i cant find any use 4 rocketjumping to teleports (like on psyho 4 mh or on sacred 4 sa)

  2. i haven’t played it yet, but i think it would be too small for a pk duel. whoever had control would just spawnrape constantly

  3. played some duels in BOOH on the mpa. it’s soooo incredibly cool:D once ppl get the hang of the BOOH movement (it’s rewritten) it’ll be big fun. yes, once u got your rj on a decent skill level, u’ll be flying around in here!:D the map is tight reaalllly qw’ish (in fact, it IS qw, apart from the highquality weapon model in front of u, the map looks completely qw’ish.) Bit low polygon i’d say, but that’s np, gameplay is veeery good:D give it a try. I havent pld it in vanilla pk , but booh’s MUCH better anyways:D

    and jabb0r: that what ur saying aint true, the stake spawn shots are quite much going on here…

    so it can be a bit cessy.. cos of the stake, purely cos of that.

    oh and -> gg blowfish (PK:BOOH) is a dutch 100mbit server with the map on it.

  4. KahOona, explain how the movement is different as best you can please. No store in my state right now is even close to getting any BOOH in.

  5. well,.. it’s not that much of a difference.. but sometimes u notice that u need that bit more of precision in what u are doing while moving. Like, u HAVE to have some forward speed in order to RJ useful at all. and at the SA, when having much speed,and running over the jumppad, in the direction of the upper rl, you sometimes slow down on the top of your ‘orbit’ 🙂 like going up in a nice line, and when u reach the top, u fall almost vertical:D so that were two small things i found bout hte movement of booh comparing to vpk. I have to say that this booh is much better. Netcodewise, and there is a need of a certain skill now:) movement got harder, not worse imo..

    BOOH > vpk, and booh is cool

  6. kronos: this map size is great.. look at cpma maps or some qw maps, they are just of this size.. we already got too much big ones imo.. like sacred etc. IMO we need arenas, instead of maps that are just a chain of rooms-hallways-rooms-hallways, and are to clearly divided in ‘sections’
    that’s why i think some of the new cpl maps (absynthe in particular) are great for pk. they are just more one whole thing, instead of a serie of rooms that have good interconnectivity. we can atleast vary in maps: big and small ones.. variation keeps us away from getting bored u know:)

  7. (btw i’m not saying sacred sux, cos it rocks, especially with booh movement, the ga with rj is harder to get etc.)

  8. NR.brain : most of the textures are high res and first published in June 2004. And yes they are retro style.

    MasP/silas : sacred is good, since like pk itself, it was based on quakeworld design (think psycho/dm6 also).. someone could put sacred textures on any map and call it sacred2; what you are asking is for more maps with similar map design, therefore more maps based on quakeworld map design, et voila.

    tyco : the health packs accompany SA to put more pressure on GA being less campy and self-sustained. But sure, play test it some more, and it’ll be looked at.

  9. blowfish pwnd me :>
    the map is great, just maybe a little adjustments to the spawns, tho spawnraping is not a “Bad Thing” TM …. or is it ? 🙂

    gg’s 🙂

  10. ofcourse not:) it’s cool… u guys never pld a spawngame before or smth?:D new map is cool. its this fastpaced,up-your-face, kickass action. 8—-D

  11. the gameplay is nice

    but the visual look sux – if you show a match on this map to the tv or smthng, they’ll laugh hard 😮

  12. A little of topic but almost there, almost the same post on the CPL forums. Stake gun post.

    So Maniax has got a little mod going down, maybe all of you got informed about this? If not check it out on the forums under MODS.

    I guess the stakegun is called the “break the map lock” weapon. Great… layer mistakes to correct other mistakes. Why is complete map lock even possible? Controlling a map is one thing, but complete LOCK? We have to do anything possible to get that stake gun OUT of the spawn. If you have to reduce weapon spawning time. Then do that. Do anything and everything possible to take away that excuse they (they=usually smart people that can kick my ass in painkiller but of who I don’t agree with) like to use.

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it? People said it was broke the moment this game was in beta, and this has continued up until now. They not only said that back in beta, they pleaded, they fought and argued. It is broke.

    I think we should all give this CPM Mod for PK a serious look.

  13. only time will tell what the CPL will do with PK, personally i love the fast paced “fluid” style of play in PK, it sets it apart from all the quakes and unreals out there, but the community is extremely small, id say the smallest ever for a WORLD TOUR game, if they fix the buggy movement in booh, and it is indeed a bit slower ill take that for more people playin booh, because more people= more sponsors= better pub servers.

    sure pub servers are the least of alot of peoples concerns..but u gotta get good enough to at least move up a level, and face it, good pub servers will allow players to develop and move onto a higher level of competition.

    at the rate PK is at now no one will ever be in a world tour that isnt famous for quake/doom/ut because there simply isnt the community to allow it.

  14. socks is so right. At the same time im wondering whether CPL made the right choice when they picked PK as the World Tour game though.

  15. “… but the community is extremely small, id say the smallest ever for a WORLD TOUR game..”

    It’s the first ever world tour game.

  16. well i didnt know it was the first world tour game ,but either way look at the communitys of all the other games

    cs TONS
    wc3 TONS
    dod LOTS
    PK…? as of writing this there is 99 servers and 50 players WORLD WIDE. i see 64 man pubs in cs with more people -_-

    however yes i know cs has been around for like 6 years, wc3 got its community from SC, dod is just a damn good game that happens to be free if you purchase half life, thats how i found out about it.

    but once pk gets fixed i think ull see alot more of the quake/ut players makin the switch.

  17. Another Stakegun issue…

    Actually, IMO one of the deciding factors of it not being fun for new people is the stake gun. MP that is!

    People like to spawn with a weapon and feel like they have done some damage. Feel like they can do SOMETHING in these FFA’s against the players. Why would they want some slow ROF weird gun they will never hit anybody with anyway. Meanwhile, the more experienced players are running around 100mph blowing the hell out of these people.

    Lets be honest, wasn’t it just FUN to spawn in Quake 3 and just starting popping anybody and everybody in site with the MG.

    You have to remember, this game needs noobs. I know everyone likes the stake gun and thinks it’s cool or whatever but it simply is not FUN to spawn with for newer players, and it’s not FAIR to spawn with for more experienced players.

    I honestly believe tons of people popped in the MP. Shot that stupid gun a few times, got blown to bits the rest and called it quits. Being able to at least fire a gun and see and do damage, even if it is just a little would make a far greater impression than…

    Swooosh/Miss Swooosh/Miss Swooosh/Miss…

    BANG!!!! Gibs everywhere.

  18. :Does any1 remember promode? The skill level was extremly high, new players or those who started late had no chance of competing, so out came promode 2.

    That’s not what pm2 was about. Promode 2 was a review of the design based on the experience gained from high level play and to address the direction that cpm gameplay was taking (e.g. excessive RJing, rail/lg dominance).

    But more relevant to this article: PM2 was an active redesign, examining gameplay and making changes to adjust game balance. I think you are mistaken in saying that the changes in BooH are designed and intended. The damage done to the movement is caused by poor migration away from Havok to in house code. Dare I say “inexperienced, under-resourced developer?” And if the weapon changes have been designed, how is there still a random kill gun in the spawn inventory?

  19. I think they have not released the patch yet becuase they will just release one big one that brings everyone up to speed. Currently 1.5 has more bugs than an ant farm. Why patch to something like this?

    That, or the patch will never come out for vanilla PK 🙁 Get your BOOH or forget it kinda thing.

  20. I just started the game and I still want things to remain the same. I honestly haven’t even bothered installing Booh due to comments made by players and a friend of mine who owns the expansion. It’s hard to match some of the best players skills fast but that’s exactly how it should be isn’t it? There is going to be a skill gap regardless and I’d rather have it in a fast pace game that really challenges me than anything else, keeping in mind this is coming from someone who has been playing counter-strike for the past few years. I say forget the expansion, continue developing from 1.35 and keep the game play high paced!

  21. ‘i mean who can deny (apart from the man himself) that if voo won every world tour stop it would get boring?’

    I totally disagree here, this shows a clear skill gap which all games should have. If the game is random enough for all different people to win the different stops then its pointless.

    The better player should be able to win all the time until someone actually outplays him. If they cant outplay him then they dont deserve a win. This way new players have something to strive for. I am going to buy painkiller as soon as can find it in a shop to give it a go, and wouldnt want to be able to just get lucky kills against a guy like voo. I want to be able to practise the game until i am good enough to frag the better players due to my skill and not random noob game factors.

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