3rd wave of Ritual DM Maps

The chaps from Ritual have provided a 3rd wave of maps for the community to try out and feedback on. You can download the maps from the CPL FTP.

Change Log:

1) Fixed spawn points being located in incorrect places
2) Adjusted ammo spawns slightly
3) Did more arting to the level

1) Minor item adjustments

1) Reworked area near lower jumppad
2) Replaced ED with an SG
3) Removed all ammo associated with the ED
4) Added another Rocket Pack, Chaingun Pack, and Freezer Pack
5) Adjusted various item placements and geometry

Dont forget to provide feedback to Ritual HERE

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0 thoughts on “3rd wave of Ritual DM Maps

  1. Gah, i want the maps to have lotsa nice colors, if you agree, post on the forum 😉

    Tired of sacreds “gothic” style lame stuff, one of the maps has pipes and lame style already :/

  2. well, imo it’s impossible to make Thebalist a good map. it just doesn’t have the potential :\
    other 2 can still become something.

    I agree with CLains. cmon, make something more happy. use neon colors! at least something not that dark. or make a few smilie faces on the walls 🙂

  3. actually 5quid01 is fantastic.

    absinthe has alot of potential just need to fix some of the movemebt issuse on the map.

    the balist is like a big square. i still think its ok (better than fallen2te:P)

  4. off topic, but does anyone else get errors trying to download some demos from this site? I can download some, but other say I must be logged in.

  5. You guys say the maps are crap, yet I haven’t seen any of you offer any feedback to change the maps on the official CPL forums.

    Stelam, Aim, and a bunch of others (including myself) have all offered comments on how to improve the map. So why don’t you put up or shut up ?

    And in regards to the art – it’s beta. There IS NO ARTWORK. They are still changing the map around, they won’t do the artwork until they have finished all the changes.

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