PK 1.35 Timer Bug Hotfix

DreamCatcher have given the go ahead for us to release a small hotfix for the annoying little timer bug seen on most servers. The hotfix is for 1.35 and is around 1 meg. You can just extract it to your data folder for easy installation. Please also test this on servers if you run these.

If you have any problems with this hotfix, or it doesnt work, please PM either w4rh0g, Blowfish or maniax in #Painkiller.euro @ Qnet. Thanks.

You can download the hotfix here.

**update**We are getting reports of the fix not working. Please ensure that minimod is uninstalled and that you follow these steps also:

Overwrite the original Lscripts.pak with the new file in the zip. Also, make sure that you dont have lscripts in unpacked form (if you have the data\lscripts\ subdirectory you need to delete it or at least make sure it is empty). If lscripts exist in both .pak file and unpacked form in the subdirectory then only those unpacked are used and the new pak will not be used.

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0 thoughts on “PK 1.35 Timer Bug Hotfix

  1. so mini mod cannot be used for the timer fix to work? or it only must be removed for the installation of the hotfix ??

  2. We’re not sure yet. We could do with some concrete testing to show the fix works pre Minimod and then still after. The problem is getting a repeatable problem before installing the timer bug fix for us..

  3. My standalone dedicated server suffered from just about every timer bug out there in around 4 of 5 games.

    Installed the timer fix and it has worked flawless in the 3 games I have tried. Will test more extensively tomorrow and report back.

    Have never had minimod installed on the server.

  4. don’t quite understand the relationship here

    the timer fix i would assume is for people who run pk servers only?

    the minimod i believe is for clients only?

    so these two shouldn’t conflict since they are for different groups?

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