Server Autoupdating!

This one is important, so its being posted as an article – hopefully well see more servers following this path.

PK++ offers many things, but the most important is the fact the game is being continuously updated. Steamfish aids gamers to be able to keep up to date with the latest patches/maps*, but this is slightly harder for servers.

For Windows servers it is possible to make use of Steamfish to be updated also, as discussed here:

For Windows this allows the server to undergo a full update when an rcon quit is issued by an admin/gamer on the server.

For Linux hosting, some great work has been done by i365-klaude in developing a Steamfish version for Linux.

The work consists of a shell script that installs and updates PK++ for Linux PK servers. This hugely reduces the amount of work which is required by a server admin. If coupled with a similar run/update/run script as in the Windows example, Linux servers can be made to obey the same autoupdate behaviour.

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