Intel Extreme Edition Challenge

The official Intel Extreme Edition Challenge III movie is finally done. The movie, which was made by 4kings Simon Bysshe shows footage from the bloodline event which was a tournament to find 2 new players to join the ranks of the 4kings clan, one of the best clans in the world.

In this movie you will see such things as:

– Profiles of the 8 bloodline competitors
– Map reviews by TsN
– In-game footage of the Grand Final
– Words from clan fnatics zr0 and Vo0
– The 4kings CS clan
– much much more

The movie weighs in at around 160 meg for the DivX version and 130 meg for the WMV version.

If you enjoyed EEC2 you will absolutely love EEC3, its bigger and badder than ever before. Make sure you download it NOW!

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0 thoughts on “Intel Extreme Edition Challenge

  1. razorbs looks like one of the actors who played a hobbit in LOTR :]

    NOTE > im not saying he looks like a hobbit X>

  2. Limited match coverage.. Big let down in that department.. otherwise the film is very enjoyable.. DAMN EURO has it easy XD. JK

  3. Check out all the online maps @ Very easy to install, a shit load of fun to play! Especially Hungarian_Warrr and Blood_Overdose! They are the newest and also much fun to play! More to follow! Grrrrr! Lets rumble!!!!!

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