PKEURO CPL Predictions

As the CPL grows nearer, PKEURO have took the liberty to give our top 5 predictions for the Painkiller tournament.

Blowfish said:

1) fnatic\Vo0
2) Stermy
3) Fatal1ty
4) SK|SteLam
5) cK|Carnage

Hutchy said:

1) fnatic\Vo0
2) SK|SteLam
3) Stermy
4) e|Ztrider
5) Fatal1ty

maniax said:

1) fnatic\Vo0
2) Stermy
3) e|Ztrider
4) alien|m0erser
5) SK|SteLam

We will try and keep our news updated as much as possible with scores and news once the CPL starts. So keep checking back! Good luck guys & make this an event to remember!

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0 thoughts on “PKEURO CPL Predictions

  1. Don’t know what carnage is doing up there..and I doubt Lexer will place top
    10. I think Ztrider will be up there though ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I know it gets old but I expect Fat to make the same amount of noise this year, if not more. Zen, you should be at a higher level yourself (like it wasn’t high enough) with that kind of training partner.

  3. Ztrider got ownd
    haha @ 80% of ur predictions
    zhrance got ownd 2

    1) stelam
    2) moerser
    3) zyz
    4) deatz
    5) neok

  4. Selam, how about a big ‘LOL’ to that top five of yours, and whats so funny anyway? I picked M0erser to place highly but it sucks to see Ztrider leave with such a high level of skill. The seeds were terrible.

  5. well i can have my own opinion. u have 2 wait until my predictions are proven wrong, THAN u can ‘LOL’ @ me.

  6. selam, did i get ownd ???
    anyway, its my first tournament so i was pretty nervous, even though i thought i were going to be more nervous…
    and you can ask all players at CPL, the servers are fucked… and dont tell me its the same for everyone cause i already know that

  7. SWEET PATCH, if oldschool movement is back of course

    but where do we download it from, it isn’t on the web site ๐Ÿ™

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