Winter CPL GUI Ready

The Winter CPL GUI is available for download, thanks to worre & cubik. There was a lot of confusion as to whether it would be used or not, as yar from the Chains.Mod team had made a mod also. Unfortunately for yar though, his mod was not compatible with the CPL timer fix, so it had to get scrapped. Below you can find what Cubik had originally posted in the minor news section.

It’s done now. After yar forgot to add the timer fix to his mod and then disappeared again, we had to work all last night to get our mod ready for competitive play. But I guess it paid off, since it will be used in this CPL Winter.

Now, I guess it’s time for you to remove your minimod and have a test on the cpl mod which you can download here & download the language fix for it here.


NOTE: this is for painkiller 1.35.

For more information please visit their mod page here.

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0 thoughts on “Winter CPL GUI Ready

  1. Another bug spotted (and fixed afaik): Overtime wasnt looping, eg. if players were tied after first overtime, the game ended. Should be fixed now, expect for v1.1 tonight.

  2. I’m here at the event and running things and I have to say that Cubik and Worre have gone above and beyond with their help. Right now I can’t find any issues at all with the mod. It looks awesome, the features are all in and there are no bugs that I can come up with. I can’t wait to get things going tomorrow. I’ll try to get demos up as soon as I can so people can download them :p

  3. LOL when i worked on mod voo told me that cpl will use listen servers, so timer fix is not imporatant :} Later i dont have time to do something with mod.

    Anyway gw.

    BTW. why ammo list dont display amount of ammo? And why console is not locked? 😛

  4. yar ? as far as I know the ammolist shows the amount of ammo, pretty sure cpl would have complained about it by now otherwise. For the console, the version put up here on pkeuro is slightly diffrent from the one at cpl, locked connection settings and locked console for example.

  5. yar, console is not *disabled* in cpl version either, but it has most of the commands disabled (excluding connecting, demo recording etc). So basically it acts as a big chat box 🙂

    You should have really sticked around for the first testing night in case a bugs if your mod was to be used anyway.

    You should have asked the CPL admins whether they use listen or dedicated servers, not Vo0 btw 😛

  6. Oh, and that post I made was not supposed to offend you any way 🙂 You had just gone idle when the CPL-people contacted me :/

  7. Well here it is with me and demos again. cubik, which version of this mod will I need to play these CPL demos if and when they get released?

  8. Zalu, afaik you dont need cpl mod to view the demos. No idea when they’re out, the CPL-people probably know better 🙂

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