sK1p’s PainKiller-site – ON!

…a voice from the darkness…..

Hi there!

Well, [de]sK1p has built a new PK-site, mainly about MultiPlayer, but theres a few SP-knowledge too. Feel free to visit it, especially if you havent yet tried MP and youre interested in seeing old classic CPL-videos and recent fragmovies. You also can download patches from there easily, maps, and the popular MP-mods (like PK++ for PK and PROverdose for OD). Im sure about more useful stuff will be uploaded soon, so stay tuned…

Painkiller Zone

Theres a Forum also where you can share your thoughts/opinions or you can ask for help, if you have trouble with settings for example, and so on…

Have fun! (And best wishes from Team CTRL!) 😉

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