– booms Interview

Right after I brought you the CPL World Tour Brazil Roundup( I decided to talk to the player that has really impressed me after the Brazil event. I have tracked down booms in order to ask him quite a few questions regarding his gaming career, Painkiller, CPL World Tour and some off topic questions about his personal life.

CPL Brazil Roundup + Interviews

With just ten days left until the CPL World Tour Sweden, tension is really high as Painkiller players gather to bootcamp with each other just to make sure that everything is working properly. Every hour of practise counts because it will definitely pay off in the near future when a crowd of the best Painkiller players that world has to offer will assemble at Dreamhack, Sweden. Which player will be the one who can make an impact that will jolt the community and become rich by winning $15.000? Noone knows for sure because there are several candidates.

Having an opportunity I would like to present you yet another Painkiller feature. I decided to rethink about what happened few weeks ago, in Brazil. If you missed the Painkiller action which took place in Rio de Janeiro, you can check out what happened there in my newest feature. But it’s not the end as I have something more for you. I was able to track down two of SK Painkiller players, Stephan ‘SteLam’ Lammert and Benjamin ‘zyz’ Bohrmann to ask them some questions about the recent Brazil stop and other World Tour relating things. If you are interested enough then click the link below.

Pre CPL Brazil Predictions

With the CPL World Tour Stop Brazil starting in one week I decided to bring you another Painkiller feature. This one is different from what you’ve seen so far. It was supposed to be dedicated only to the players that spend endless hours to master their skill and finally compete against the world’s best gamers for a great prize, which $1.000.000 undoubtely is. But having the opportunity, I would like to discuss some other issues regarding Painkiller. If you are curious what can a simple rocket physics change lead to then I recommend you read my feature. Next is the CPL Spain Wrapup followed by the CPL Brazil predictions.

Check out my feature here: