Carnage Frag Video..

I decided to make a short film on one of the up and coming players in the Painkiller scene. Which is Carnage, He will soon be considered one of the top US players to date. Make sure you guys keep an eye out for him.

Download Film @ (Right Click > Save Target As)

Special thx to jathin & jmms for the awsome mirrors.

Faces Of Destruction 6?!?!?!

Yes, another Faces Of Destruction film…FOD6, The Agony Scene. I would like the community to help me out on this one. I figure with the World Tour underway, its a good time to get some hard action on video. Yes, this time around I will feature more people (not just raz). Ill keep you guys posted. Stay tuned for the official trailer :).

Please contact me if you have an amazing Painkiller frag caught on demo.

Download A HQ Wallpaper @