PK++ v1.1.1.64 Available

A new version of PK++ is now available for download through the almighty Steamfish tool, which upgrades the current version to

The new version includes some bug fixes and changes which you can read below:

FIX: Shotgun ammo now showing in specmode
FIX: Player demos are named from POV player first – does not apply to spectator demos
FIX: Restartmap during final scoreboard causing spectator lockout
ADD: Minimal self-integrity and validation check
ADD: Public notification on server when a non-pk++ client is being used. Cfg.ImpureClientWarning
ADD: TeamScoresShadow | Cfg.TeamScoresShadow for font shadow
ADD: ShowPingX ShowPingY | Cfg.ShowPingX Cfg.ShowPingY for ShowPing position.
ADD: playdemo and recorddemo command aliases
CHANGE: Text shadow effects increased slightly – optional to disable for each HUD item
CHANGE: Small position changes on some HUD items
CHANGE: Quad respawn time set to 2 minutes

As usual, if you have any feedback on PK++ or would just like to suggest something, please email and we will try to get back to you ASAP.

Jolt PCZone PK Tourney

Yes, its that time again. Jolt bring you PCZone Readers Challenge Painkiller 4, one of the most successful online PK tourneys theres been so far. Jolt send word that the tournament will start the first week of March, and that signups are on a pretty short deadline. So make sure you sign up quick!

They also say that past prize winners from their cups will NOT be allowed to compete in this tournament, so everyone gets a fair chance at winning something.

You can signup and read more!

More PK++ Fixes..

Please run your Update PK++ Mod shortcut to get the latest fixes. The fixes include such stuff as:

– FPS cap raised to 150 (more fps)
– Fragmessages tweaked (more fps)
– Hud tweaked for better performance (more fps)
– Now able to change connection settings

Just run the updater, start PK and play. ๐Ÿ™‚

First fix for PK++

Ive had a lot of people let me know about the game crashing on game mode TDM, and it has been fixed. Please run the “Update PK++ Mod” shortcut on your desktop, or in painkiller/bin/ , and it will download the fix.

Then just start up Painkiller, and play. ๐Ÿ™‚


As of 4:41am GMT (UK Time) there has been a new update. Console commands were locked, so I unlocked them, just run the “Update PK++ Mod” shortcut on your desktop or in painkiller/bin/, and it will automatically download.

PK++ CPL Edition Ready!

The CPL Edition of the PK++ mod created by myself, worre and cubik is now available. The mod, which boasts a lot of needed features Painkiller is missing weighs in at around 12meg and can be downloaded below.

The mod will contain the following features and fiixes:

-Fixed FOV bug in GUI
-Fixed changing brightskins in GUI
-Fixed timer not moving to center
-Fixed frag messages not showing correctly
-Fixed chaingun sound(?) – may be still b0rked
-Fixed sticking to walls
-Added steamfish – auto download tool (resides in Data as Updater.exe, and will download fixes etc for PK++)
-Added frag messages
-Added ability to view demos in recordings folder with \demolist
-Added new console command \users – lists players in server, along with ping/status
-Added on-screen PLAYER VS PLAYER text in warmup
-Added new options to GUI – frag messages/timer pos/etc
-Added new startup screen
-Added new background for GUI
-Added multi language support
-Added Locked down console – in version sent to CPL only.
-Changed spectator text
-Moved warmup text
-Optimized Hud icons for better performance

The new tool steamfish is great, as it will automatically download stuff when ran. You will see a news post here telling you when to run it, for when theres a fix for PK++ or a new set of maps etc.

There is still a lot of stuff planned for this mod, and did not quite make this release. These features are such things as:

-Add new gamemode CPL mode
-Add crosshair names
-Add Vote options GUI
-Add Low ammo sounds
-Add ability to force enemy model
-Add Painkiller frag sound
-Add custom HUD
-Add vote sounds
-Add simple items
-Fix any bugs

As you can see, theres still a lot of nice stuff to be added, and it will all be coming soon. We intend to support this mod for as long as possible.

Just for knowledge purposes, if you want to change the crosshairsize in the GUI, you will need to restart Painkiller in order for it to take effect. This issue is being worked on, and will be resolved soon.

Aside from that, we have taken advantage of PCFs minimal mod support, and made it so you can now launch our mod from a shortcut which will automatically be created on your desktop. There is 3 shortcuts created infact.

-Play Vanilla PK (plays default PK, no GUI or anything)
-Play PK++ Mod (plays PK++ CPL Edition)
-Update PK++ Mod (a shortcut to Updater.exe, only run it when you see a news post here)

And finally, you can download the mod here & the server only install here.

PKEURO Duel III Signups

The PKEuro DUEL III sign-ups are now live! We will cater for 64 players on a first come first serve basis, but if the player demand is high, then we shall open it up for 128 players.

The tournament has took a few changes, and was firstly delayed due to waiting for the 1.61 patch. The new changes are as follows:

– You will require Painkiller patch 1.61
– You are allowed to use the 1.61 PK++

There is no set date for the tournament yet, but we are looking to get it going this coming Monday if all goes well. You can signup here.

On a side note, the first ever version of PK++ (a tourney mod) will be available today and will be compatible with the latest patch; 1.61. The GUI is in early alpha condition, due to the fact it is being further developed with lots more features.. Mirrors soon.


You can download PK++ v02 here. Extract to Data folder, and please make sure you delete your config before starting PK, or you will have messed up HUD effects ๐Ÿ™‚

Painkiller Banned in China

China View today released a statement in which 50 games have been banned. A few of the games that have been banned are well known titles such as Fifa 2005, Battlefield Vietnam and Painkiller: Battle Out of Hell.

This comes as a surprise to most people, as games such as Fifa 2005 contain no violence at all and have no real reason to be banned. Painkiller: Battle Out of Hell is also a surprise, but due to some of the content seen in the SinglePlayer portion of the game, I guess it can be justified.

The CPL World Tour also has a planned stop in China, which will come as bad news to them.. as they will now most likely have to replace China with another stop.

Tonya from the CPL has released a few words said by the CPL founder Angel Munoz which you can read below:

We have been working with the Chinese government and they are willing to make exceptions. However, if in the end the Chinese government does not cooperate, we can always move that event to somewhere else in Asia.

Hopefully we will get another update on this shortly, stay tuned.

(source: sk-gaming)


A third Painkiller.euro duel tournament is being planned, with signups growing near. The tournament is open to everyone, and will have an initial 64 player cap unless there is high demand for more places, in which case it will be upped.

I have posted an article with rules and information, which you can read here and if you have anymore questions.. don’t hesitate to contact me in IRC: #Painkiller.euro.

PKEuro Duel III

I think the time is right for another 1v1 tournament to take place, and what better place to do it than right here? ๐Ÿ™‚

The PKEuro Duel III tournament will be a 1v1 tourney open to everyone. Initially there will be 64 spots open, on a first come first serve basis, if theres high demand for more spots, then we shall open it up to a 128 player tournament.


* Copy of Painkiller with a working CD KEY.
* You will require the 1.61 patch.
* You are allowed to use mods such as PK++
* Demos are a must for latter stages of the tournament.

* Weapons stay will be 0.
* Weapons respawn time will be 15.
* Powerups will be disabled.
* FRJ will be disabled.


* DM_Sacred
* DM_Psycho
* DM_Meatless
* DM_Absinthe


Other basic info:

Sign-ups for the tournament will be announced soon, by a news post on the front page. The estimated start date for this tournament is Wednesday, January 26th 2005 at around 7pm GMT.

PKEuro have the right to change/modify the rules and players of this tournament in any way. By signing up for this tournament, you are agreeing to this, and therefore shall not question it at any point.

WT Stop #1 Registration

The registration for the first World Tour stop is now underway. The 1st official stop of the $1 million dollar “World Tour” will be 128 player, and will commence February 10-13th 2005.

The tournament game is Painkiller and the stop will offer a $50,000 cash purse with the following distribution. Additionally, the registered participants will be invited to participate in a free city tour and visit the following attractions.

Its about time this long awaited World Tour got started, and Im sure were in for some amazing games. Good luck to everyone that attends Turkey, youre going to need it. ๐Ÿ™‚

You can register and find out more information here.

Team Dignitas Cup finishes

Dignitas New Years Cup

The Team Dignitas cup came to an end today, which saw the undefeated in all Painkiller compititions Vo0 take the win. The cup started on Saturday, at around 12pm GMT and lasted til around 9pm GMT the same night and saw some amazing games take place.

TsN shoutcasted near enough all matches that took place, and also provided video footage through their TvSN program. So a big big thank you goes out to TsN, who did a great job of giving the spectators some fun.

Vo0 got to the final with ease, taking out the following people on his way:

maniax [30-10]
CLains [57-0 / 43-18]
toxter [44-10 / 24-18]
Forrest [45-6 / 15-8]

In the final he came across one of his arch rival enemys (in a friendly way) in Painkiller; Stermy. Stermy had looked strong all tournament, and it was definately going to be a match to remember.

The game started off slowly, but got into a nice pace.. Vo0, however, was not going to lose. Not to anyone.

Vo0 [23-14 / 29-23] Stermy

This sees Vo0 still unbeaten in all tournaments, whether they be online or offline. When will the day he takes his first defeat come?

Jolt PCZone PK Tourney

Jolt are to run another PCZone tournament for Painkiller this month, the tournament which has a pretty cool prize pool will start towards the end of January and will be single elimination.

If you’re looking for some extra hardware, or just want to have some Painkiller fun, you can sign up for the tournament here.

The tournament is open to all residents of Europe.

GGL Player of 2004 Nominees

As the 2004 year has passed, GGL have decided it’s time for the Player of 2004 awards to take place. The awards are going to pick the person from each game who has been most successful and well-known through-out 2004, as well as achievements. The PK nominees are as follows:

1) Sander Kaasjager aka. Vo0 (fnatic, )
2) Stephan Lammert aka SteLam (SK, )
3) Jonathan Wendel aka Fatal1ty ()
4) Alessandro Avallone aka Stermy (, )
5) Benjamin Bohrmann aka zyz (SK, )

As you can see, there is some big big names in that list. It’s going to be a tough one to call. If vo0 doesn’t win it though, I will be very surprised. ๐Ÿ™‚

The awards show, which will be hosted by Radio ITG’s djWHEAT will take place January 28th. Stay tuned.

CPL has Ended!!

The Final has just come to an end and the result is…..

Vo0 14:9 DM_Sacred & DM_Psycho 11:10 SK|zyz

That final was one of the greatest matches ever. Vo0 proved once again why he is #1, by coming back from 4 frags down in the last 20 seconds to win 11:10, and thus retaining his CPL crown. Good games to all who played, and good work Vo0!


Last night saw the lower bracket final, consolation final and the winners bracket final played. The outcome of these matches surprised quite a few people.

In the Winner Bracket it was a battle between Vo0, the #1 Painkiller player in the world, and Fata1lty who came 2nd last CPL. This was bound to be a match to remember, as both players have a fairly similar attacking style on certain maps.

DM_Fallen2te: 2-24 – Fatal1ty
DM_Psycho: 9-10 – Vo0
DM_Sacred: 12-27 – Vo0

Overall: Vo0 moves to the Grand Final.

Losers Bracket Final

This match was between Stermy & SKs zyz, which would of been strange to both of these players as they have never played each other before as far as I know. So, they would be meeting each others playing styles for the very first time.

Scores still unavailable at this point.

Overall: SK|zyz takes the win.

Consolation Final

This match again, was a first time battle between these 2 players in Painkiller.. which would mean that they would have to predict each others playing styles for the first 10 minutes or so. There was a pretty big burden on this match however, as the winner of this goes onto the Grand Final to meet Vo0.

DM_Fallen2te: 0-25 – SK|zyz
DM_Sacred: 10-16 – SK|zyz

Overall: Massive win for a fairly new guy on the Painkiller scene, SK|zyz takes the win.

The Grand Final which everyone is waiting for will take place today at 2pm CST (8pm GMT, 9pm CET) and is definately going to attract some attention. Can the new guy on the block ruffle Vo0s feathers and take this one? Or will the defending champion breeze past and be crowned CPL Player of the Year? Only time will tell.

Winter CPL GUI Ready

The Winter CPL GUI is available for download, thanks to worre & cubik. There was a lot of confusion as to whether it would be used or not, as yar from the Chains.Mod team had made a mod also. Unfortunately for yar though, his mod was not compatible with the CPL timer fix, so it had to get scrapped. Below you can find what Cubik had originally posted in the minor news section.

It’s done now. After yar forgot to add the timer fix to his mod and then disappeared again, we had to work all last night to get our mod ready for competitive play. But I guess it paid off, since it will be used in this CPL Winter.

Now, I guess it’s time for you to remove your minimod and have a test on the cpl mod which you can download here & download the language fix for it here.


NOTE: this is for painkiller 1.35.

For more information please visit their mod page here.

PKEURO CPL Predictions

As the CPL grows nearer, PKEURO have took the liberty to give our top 5 predictions for the Painkiller tournament.

Blowfish said:

1) fnatic\Vo0
2) Stermy
3) Fatal1ty
4) SK|SteLam
5) cK|Carnage

Hutchy said:

1) fnatic\Vo0
2) SK|SteLam
3) Stermy
4) e|Ztrider
5) Fatal1ty

maniax said:

1) fnatic\Vo0
2) Stermy
3) e|Ztrider
4) alien|m0erser
5) SK|SteLam

We will try and keep our news updated as much as possible with scores and news once the CPL starts. So keep checking back! Good luck guys & make this an event to remember!

Intel Extreme Edition Challenge

The official Intel Extreme Edition Challenge III movie is finally done. The movie, which was made by 4kings Simon Bysshe shows footage from the bloodline event which was a tournament to find 2 new players to join the ranks of the 4kings clan, one of the best clans in the world.

In this movie you will see such things as:

– Profiles of the 8 bloodline competitors
– Map reviews by TsN
– In-game footage of the Grand Final
– Words from clan fnatics zr0 and Vo0
– The 4kings CS clan
– much much more

The movie weighs in at around 160 meg for the DivX version and 130 meg for the WMV version.

If you enjoyed EEC2 you will absolutely love EEC3, its bigger and badder than ever before. Make sure you download it NOW!

PK 1.35 Timer Bug Hotfix

DreamCatcher have given the go ahead for us to release a small hotfix for the annoying little timer bug seen on most servers. The hotfix is for 1.35 and is around 1 meg. You can just extract it to your data folder for easy installation. Please also test this on servers if you run these.

If you have any problems with this hotfix, or it doesnt work, please PM either w4rh0g, Blowfish or maniax in #Painkiller.euro @ Qnet. Thanks.

You can download the hotfix here.

**update**We are getting reports of the fix not working. Please ensure that minimod is uninstalled and that you follow these steps also:

Overwrite the original Lscripts.pak with the new file in the zip. Also, make sure that you dont have lscripts in unpacked form (if you have the data\lscripts\ subdirectory you need to delete it or at least make sure it is empty). If lscripts exist in both .pak file and unpacked form in the subdirectory then only those unpacked are used and the new pak will not be used.

More World Tour Info

The CPLs Angel Munoz has made a little post over at the CPL forums, explaining some updated World Tour information. He mentions dates for several World Tour stops, and also says that the registration for the 2006 Summer Championship will be open sometime in November next year.

The first 5 World Tour stops are as follows:
1) Istanbul, Turkey, and will take place February 10-13, 2005
2) Barcelona, Spain, and will take place March 20-23, 2005
3) Sรฃo Paulo, Brazil. The final dates will be confirmed soon
4) Dรผsseldorf, Germany. The final dates will be confirmed soon
5) Grapevine, Texas – USA and will take place Wednesday, July 6 to Sunday, July 10, 2005 at the lavish Gaylord Texan Resort.

He also goes on to mention that the World Tour website will be launched after this weekend, before the Winter Event.

To read everything Angel had to say, just click here.

PKEURO New Map Available

Starting from an old Q1 map, we present a conversion which suits Painkillers style of play pretty well, and should make for some fun games.

Carnage! Carnage!

Were releasing the map for beta testing, so feedback would be appreciated. It is a pretty sweet map though, if I say so myself.. major props to the original creator, see readme for details.

You can download the map here.