sK1p’s PainKiller-site – ON!

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Hi there!

Well, [de]sK1p has built a new PK-site, mainly about MultiPlayer, but theres a few SP-knowledge too. Feel free to visit it, especially if you havent yet tried MP and youre interested in seeing old classic CPL-videos and recent fragmovies. You also can download patches from there easily, maps, and the popular MP-mods (like PK++ for PK and PROverdose for OD). Im sure about more useful stuff will be uploaded soon, so stay tuned…

Painkiller Zone

Theres a Forum also where you can share your thoughts/opinions or you can ask for help, if you have trouble with settings for example, and so on…

Have fun! (And best wishes from Team CTRL!) 😉

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BloodStorm Painkiller Fragmovie

A Movie by Paindemonium with the best Frags of the Painkiller Duel Cup #2

Featuring frags from HeGe, [de]sK1p, [de]killua-chan, [de]Question and MPK|Zwiastun,

Directed by: Paindemoium
Players: Various
Resolution: 706×480
Framerate: 25 fps
Codec: x264
Length: 4:42

Low Quality (mirror 2) 37MB
High Quality (mirror 2) 142MB
Best Quality (mirror 2) 353MB
(use save as target)
Wipido Stream
own3d Stream

those with x264 playback problems on VLC, try Media Player Classic with latest ffdshow

Painkiller MP Video

With the difficulties of making a video from PK, it is always good to see impressively put together videos. Paindemonium has given us exactly this, in the form of a video focusing on MP with some excellent frags and gameplay. Take a look and post your comments!


Also here :

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Fatal1ty Greets PK Community

Fatal1ty is on a promotional tour in the US and we stopped by the San Francisco stop. He says he misses Painkiller. Probably the best game he has ever played (his words). And he says HI! to the PK community. While he doesnt play PK anymore he did know about Overdose and said he is looking forward to it. I told him to meet us on line from time to time. While that is iffy he did sign a picture to all of us.” (post and picture by Uuber, thank U very much)

High Resolution Picture

Overdose officially announced

“DreamCatcher Interactive / JoWooD Productions Software AG today announced their plans to publish Painkiller-Overdose for Windows®.
With a worldwide release date set for October 2007, Painkiller-Overdose marks the return of the popular high-energy, frantic-styled gameplay that made the original Painkiller such a huge hit.”

Read the full announcement here

The poll concludes!

The CPL have announced the results of the poll between Painkiller and DOOM 3. The poll was to see which game the already signed-up players wanted to play, here’s the results:

1. Yes – change the the DOOM 3 tournament to the PK Qualifier – 87

2. No – don’t change or cancel the DOOM 3 tournament – 81

As you can see, the majority of votes went to Painkiller, but because of the large amount that voted against it, the CPL have decided the following:

The CPL and NVIDIA have decided to split the tournaments in two – of 128 competitors each. CPL and NVIDIA also have split the cash prizes between both of the tournaments with $30,000 assigned to DOOM 3 and $20,000 assigned to Painkiller.

Also, the top 6 in the Painkiller tournament will each recieve free air travel to the World Tour first stop; Istanbul, Turkey which will take place February 10-13th 2005.