TsN : Feel The Pain #3

TsN just finished up the 3rd broadcast of their program Feel The Pain. Each week the guys get together to discuss the recent happenings in the newly revived community of Painkiller. Tonight they spoke about topics such as the new Painkiller expansion pack released this month; Battle out of Hell, the CPL winter tournament, and as always, the CPL world tour. TsN also anounced that Painkiller black edition will be the game used in the CPL world tour, as stated by Angel Munoz on the CPL forums.

Each week TsN also bring in a player from the community to be interviewed by TsN. This week that player was the American new guy Wreck, who as you may know took 5th place at the CPL summer Painkiller tournament. After the interview Wreck then has to go up against another player from the community, for this job TsN brought in the player known as PFB (Pink Fluffy Bunny). Lets hope this guys name doesnt reflect his playing style!

TsN decided Sacred would be the only map played tonight, best of 3. The scores from the matches were as follows:

Wreck 13 : 11 PFB
Wreck 23 : 0 PFB

Some very different scores in the matches, and even though we were unable to watch it, its always fun to listen to the Painkiller matches shoutcasted by TsN.

Anybody who missed the broadcast will be able to download it from the TsN website after it is uploaded tomorrow.


You can find the game demo here: http://www.pkeuro.com/viewdemo.php?demoid=5