First impressions?

Plz reply to this column post with your first impressions of the game. Does it suck? Do you love it? Netcode good or bad? etc etc. No responses to others comments please. Just your own views of the game.

Upcoming Patch

I understand that PCF are working hard on producing the first Patch for Painkiller. I understand that there are a lot of tweaks and fixes. Here are the main ones I could glean from talking to some of the guys:

Fix: Pentagram on Illuminati causing all players to be disconnected
Fix: Lava kills players on FFA mode
Fix: Allow LAN play with no Internet connection
Add: Voting (not sure params that will be votable)
Add: Spectating
Add: Different sounds per player
Add: Recording Demos
Add: Recording movies (not 100% on this one)
Add: New Map
Change: Weapon balancing (ElectroDriver combo in Voosh changed as is Electrodriver damage)

If any of the PCF guys read this, I would appreciate an update as to the contents. Thanks in advance 🙂

I also understand that tests are being carried out this Friday. Hopefully we will see this additional functionality soon 🙂