Patch Info from Adrian

[PCF]Adrian dropped by #painkiller.euro just a short time ago and provided us with some information on the upcoming patch. I’ve tried to split the IRC log into some kind of meaningful Q&A format. Hope its readable for you. Here goes:

[22:49] *[PCF]Adrian* so listen, here’s the scoop
[22:50] *[PCF]Adrian* quite sadly, we did find one bloody bug that we’ve been tracking for a whole day
[22:50] *[PCF]Adrian* with no luck… but we’re closing in on the bastard.
[22:50] *[PCF]Adrian* it’s just this one thing that holds the release
[22:50] *[PCF]Adrian* on a bright side
[22:51] *[PCF]Adrian* Krystian wrote the prediction code that now I cannot play without. It’s really good.

[22:51] *Hutchy* are u allowed to release what the bug is out of curiosity?
[22:51] *[PCF]Adrian* yeah
[22:51] *[PCF]Adrian* I can describe the bug
[22:51] *[PCF]Adrian* tell me if you have it in 1.00
[22:51] *[PCF]Adrian* it’s crash to desktop when the final scoretable is displayed

[22:51] *W4rh0g* we get crash to desktop everynow and again anyhow
[22:52] *W4rh0g* I think thats a known bug in 1.0 tho
[22:52] *[PCF]Adrian* does anyone experience that in 1.00?
[22:52] *Blowfish* yes, I had that a few times
[22:52] *Hutchy* i do recall others having occasional crash to desktop
[22:52] *[PCF]Adrian* yeah it happens at the end of the match
[22:52] *W4rh0g* we get when joining server
[22:52] *[PCF]Adrian* it’s annoying and a bitch to find
[22:52] *W4rh0g* as well
[22:52] *Hutchy* yeh ive had a joining one on occasion 🙂
[22:52] *Blowfish* I’ve had it once when I didn’t even play, just left it in ‘spec’ mode on the scoreboard
[22:52] *Hutchy* will be good to fix that one at least
[22:53] *W4rh0g* apparently the crash to desktop happens when SP is played too
[22:56] *cK-blood|wrk* Adrian, one main CTD that ive found is upon joining that map with the Mansion
[22:56] *cK-blood|wrk* i think its DM_Psycho
[22:56] *cK-blood|wrk* when joining server, right when scoreboard is displayed u get CTD
[22:57] *cK-blood|wrk* thats the only map its happened to me
[22:57] *cK-blood|wrk* and ONLY when im connecting to server with that map
[22:57] *cK-blood|wrk* but if im already in the game and it loads that map im fine
[22:57] *cK-blood|wrk* but if i leave game and connect back i get ctd
[22:57] *[PCF]Adrian* weird, but I assume that is fixed, we play that map a lot… though I must admit

DM_Cursed is my fav map atm

[22:52] *[PCF]Adrian* all other bugs seem to be fixed
[22:52] *[PCF]Adrian* the bugfix log is 2 gigs long 😉

[22:53] *W4rh0g* could u give us a short resume on weapon damage changes adrian?
[22:53] *W4rh0g* RL splash?
[22:53] *W4rh0g* stake power?
[22:53] *W4rh0g* we all want to hear the stake power at spawn
[22:53] *[PCF]Adrian* we fixed ElectroDriver, so now it’s actually useful 😉

[22:54] *W4rh0g* what value for stake did u end up at?
[22:54] *[PCF]Adrian* we didn’t change the stake so far, why?
[22:54] *W4rh0g* well
[22:54] *W4rh0g* one of the main critiscms of the current weapons
[22:55] *W4rh0g* is the ability to kill a fully loaded player
[22:55] *W4rh0g* v quick with the spawn weapon
[22:55] *W4rh0g* we understodd u may be lowering the damage
[22:55] *W4rh0g* from 200

[22:55] *[PCF]Adrian* stakes cannot kill someone 100/150…
[22:55] *[PCF]Adrian* …but…
[22:55] *[PCF]Adrian* what we did is we added more items on maps, so now it’s a little easier to get armored

[22:56] *W4rh0g* so the stake damage will stay the same
[22:56] *W4rh0g* well
[22:56] *W4rh0g* is there a chance this could be changed per server settings?
[22:56] *[PCF]Adrian* just a little 😉

[22:56] *[PCF]Adrian* we have really done A LOT of work on this patch, it’s like a new game now

[22:58] *W4rh0g* any chance you could tell us what kind of voting will be allowed adrian?
[22:58] *W4rh0g* referee/rcon
[22:58] *W4rh0g* ?
[22:58] *[PCF]Adrian* like what?
[22:58] *W4rh0g* like a server admin can modify server settings thru the console
[22:58] *W4rh0g* or a referee can change match settings
[22:59] *[PCF]Adrian* no, we don’t want zillions of servers with different settings… it happened to MoHAA

and killed the scene slowly. But wait, lemme give some info on CALLVOTE
[22:59] *cK-blood|wrk* there wont be a zillion settings, tournaments will get a standard
[22:59] *cK-blood|wrk* for instance, CPL usually sets the standards

[22:59] *[PCF]Adrian* Server (commands available on server and for voting):
[23:00] *[PCF]Adrian* sec it’s a long list 😉
[23:01] *[PCF]Adrian* here goes:
[23:01] *[PCF]Adrian* map *map_name*, timelimit *value*, fraglimit *value*, kick *name*
[23:01] *[PCF]Adrian* ankick *name*, maxplayers *value*, maxspectators *value*
[23:01] *[PCF]Adrian* powerupdrop *0/1*
[23:01] *[PCF]Adrian* powerups *0/1*, weaponsstay *0/1*, teamdamage *0/1*
[23:01] *[PCF]Adrian* allowbunnyhopping *0/1*, allowbrightskins *0/1*, allowforwardrj *0/1*
[23:02] *[PCF]Adrian* gamemode *ffa/tdm/pcf/tlb/voosh*
[23:02] *[PCF]Adrian* reloadmap
[23:02] *[PCF]Adrian* that’s it

[23:00] *esc\Sui* is their anychance that u can add map name to the loading screens?
[23:02] *[PCF]Adrian* it’s added
[23:02] *[PCF]Adrian* map name shows now

[23:02] *esc\Sui* can it be made possible
[23:02] *esc\Sui* to connect ctrl+v in console
[23:02] *esc\Sui* with ips
[23:08] *W4rh0g* is copy pasting ips into the console when in a multiplayer game now possible?
[23:08] *[PCF]Adrian* don’t know, write me email about it so I can double check tomorrow

[23:03] *W4rh0g* when is the linux server due for release?
[23:03] *[PCF]Adrian* yeah I know… everyone wants that… we plan on that as well, but it won’t be that soon

[23:03] *W4rh0g* is it tough to implement adrian?
[23:04] *[PCF]Adrian* yes, because we’re still working A LOT on the code
[23:04] *W4rh0g* ok
[23:04] *W4rh0g* will be a while then
[23:04] *Blowfish* is the Havok licence the problem for linux build? (aside from directx)
[23:05] *[PCF]Adrian* license is not a problem (but it does cost ;))

[23:04] *[K]EtoS* adrian, how bout client side brightskin settings and not server side?
[23:04] *[PCF]Adrian* client side is unfair
[23:04] *[PCF]Adrian* but
[23:04] *[PCF]Adrian* you can CALLVOTE that 🙂

[23:05] *W4rh0g* we understand that client prediction has been added
[23:05] *W4rh0g* does it REALLY help netplay?
[23:05] *W4rh0g* in your opinion
[23:06] *[PCF]Adrian* yes it does, BUT this code is experimental… 2 things:
[23:07] *[PCF]Adrian* a) it uses more processor power, so unless you have a good PC remember to set gfx to low

to have as much free computing power for Havok prediction
[23:07] *[PCF]Adrian* b) er… I forgot what was that… sec…

[23:07] *Blowfish* any chance of a female player model for female gamers?
[23:07] *[PCF]Adrian* we hope to have a fat slut in 1.2
[23:08] *[PCF]Adrian* because all models need to use the same ragdoll for collision

[23:08] *W4rh0g* have you managed to tweak havoc right down to help netplay
[23:09] *Maniax* yes, everyones main concern is more or less netcode, is it majorly tweaked in 1.1 or just

[23:09] *[PCF]Adrian* yes, hence the prediction code. As I said, you need more processor power now, because we

predict Havok or shit, no idea, programmers tried to explain that to me with no luck 🙂

[23:09] *[PCF]Adrian* so
[23:09] *[PCF]Adrian* guys
[23:09] *[PCF]Adrian* bottom line is
[23:10] *[PCF]Adrian* I bet there will be 1.2, and 1.1 has its faults, it’s still not perfect game, BUT it’s

HELL OF a lot better than 1.0 and you should like it.

[23:10] *[K]EtoS* will you be at QuakeCon this year Adrian? anyone else from PCF/dc going?
[23:11] *[PCF]Adrian* no idea atm
[23:11] *[PCF]Adrian* I would like to see PK gimps in action, but I just don’t know atm

[23:11] *hp|47* will the bug with the scores be fixed ? when a player is scoring points for the team and he

leaves the server the team loses those points (frags), that is a big problem if we would have a situatuion

like that in a league mach
[23:11] *hp|47* ?
[23:11] *[PCF]Adrian* ok, so just a little patience plz, one last bug and we’re done. Can’t wait to hear your

opinion. Yes this team bug is fixed as well.

[23:12] *[PCF]Adrian* Ok thanks for your support ppl and ttyl
[23:12] * [PCF]Adrian has quit IRC (Read error: EOF from client)