[PCF]Adrian update

[PCF]Adrian made another visit to #painkiller.euro this evening and passed on the following information:
[18:45] * [PCF]Adrian has joined #painkiller.euro
[18:46] *[PCF]Adrian* Ok, hit me…
[18:46] * mute hits adrian badly
[18:46] *[PCF]Adrian* Let me feel the pain…
[18:46] * dmnk slaps [PCF]Adrian around a bit with a large trout
[18:46] * x4-rayfood slaps [PCF]Adrian around a bit with a large trout
[18:46] *x4-rayfood* 🙂
[18:46] *dmnk* 🙂
[18:46] * TeeJay stabs [PCF]Adrian in the face
[18:46] *[PCF]Adrian* Yeah we deserve that…

[18:47] *[PCF]Adrian* Anyway, in short… I WILL NOT be giving any dates, we’ve learnt the lesson, *but* we’re finishing 1.15 in about an hour.

[18:47] *[PCF]Adrian* The only good thing about 1.1 released in PL is that we’ve squashed a couple of more bugs and improved prediction code further.
[18:48] *[PCF]Adrian* So anyway, luckily DC has a hard time finding new bugs, so we keep our fingers crossed. Once again, no date, but IMHO it’s ready.

[18:48] *W4rh0g* Adrian
[18:48] *W4rh0g* do we all need to buy 3ghz pcs to play the game?
[18:49] *W4rh0g* I dont have a 3ghz pc for the prediction code
[18:49] *[PCF]Adrian* No you don’t. Average PC in the company is 1.7 GHz Athlon.
[18:49] *W4rh0g* yeah but yaten said it will grind on a 1.8ghz
[18:49] *[PCF]Adrian* Yaten is panicking 😉
[18:49] *[PCF]Adrian* For no reason 😉

[18:50] *[PCF]Adrian* Yaten just msged me they’re doing the installer. Ok, just dropped by to give your some progress info, gtg send the patch to DC, l8r all.

[18:50] *mute* Adrian, we saw this 1.15 server and the map was “dm6” as far i can remember. what about this map?
[18:50] *[PCF]Adrian* Yeah new map is in the works, DM_Fallen, but that’s for 1.2
[18:50] *[PCF]Adrian* Cheers.
[18:50] * [PCF]Adrian has quit IRC (Read error: EOF from client)
We’ll see whether DC find any bugs in this patch release. Fingers crossed that they’ve been reduced to an acceptable level.