PKEuro Duel III

I think the time is right for another 1v1 tournament to take place, and what better place to do it than right here? 🙂

The PKEuro Duel III tournament will be a 1v1 tourney open to everyone. Initially there will be 64 spots open, on a first come first serve basis, if theres high demand for more spots, then we shall open it up to a 128 player tournament.


* Copy of Painkiller with a working CD KEY.
* You will require the 1.61 patch.
* You are allowed to use mods such as PK++
* Demos are a must for latter stages of the tournament.

* Weapons stay will be 0.
* Weapons respawn time will be 15.
* Powerups will be disabled.
* FRJ will be disabled.


* DM_Sacred
* DM_Psycho
* DM_Meatless
* DM_Absinthe


Other basic info:

Sign-ups for the tournament will be announced soon, by a news post on the front page. The estimated start date for this tournament is Wednesday, January 26th 2005 at around 7pm GMT.

PKEuro have the right to change/modify the rules and players of this tournament in any way. By signing up for this tournament, you are agreeing to this, and therefore shall not question it at any point.

PK Black Edition

On you can se some info and screens about special edition of Painkiller. It include Xbox trailer, movie making of Painkiller and other interesting things.


TsN @ The World Tour

TsN have announced that they will be covering EVERY world tour stop this year to keep us all upto date with the action. TsN|Stile has the honour of leading the charge and will be providing shoutcasts on stop #1, Turkey. GL & HF to him!

Its great to see that the lack of pktv for the first stop won’t kill the publics visibility of the top notch competition thats sure to go on. Congrats to TsN for the deal and I hope the TVSN coverage is as good as it was at CPL Winter 04!

You can find TsNs brand spanking new site to cover all aspects of their world tour HERE.

DM_1v1_meatless Version 0.6

The map is nearing a final release and is really shaping up. If you look hard enough in the CPL forum, you can see that notable players like zyz, SteLam, Ztrider, and wreck have praised the map and even said they would like to see it used in the CPL World Tour.

Artwork on the map is still incomplete although many updates have been made in this regard. For example, there is no lighting done on the map, so every texture is equally bright. Also, the teleports are not done.

Tectonic and pha3z are looking for feedback on the CPL forum located HERE


-Outdoor spawn points moved to locations with faster exits from the room
-Spawn point added to vent next to shotgun
-Spawn point added below vents in 25/25hp room
-Moved teleport spawn in central room out from underneath catwalk
-Total of 7 spawn points on the map now
-Optimized geometry for Battle out of Hell play
-Re-tweaked teleports
-Tons of texturing added
-Other artistic geometry added
-Much more has changed visually than the length of the list indicates!

Download link:

DM_Meatless 1v1 DM_Meatless 1v1 DM_Meatless 1v1

PainKiller Invite Tournament

Im very sorry for plugging GotFrag again, but…

The GotFrag PainKiller Invite Tournament is back, starting at Wednesday, January 19th 7pm.


1. fnatic\gellehsak
2. u5|cha0ticz
3. LoSt-CaUsE
4. dj`
5. brett`
6. wr3ck
7. [3D]-wombat
8. geoff
9. Ironson
11. InFlow
12. u5|fireblade
13. m2-lavak3
14. Ubermeng
15. Mouse
16. actiQ

Final standings:
1. fnatic.gellehsak
2. u5|cha0ticz
3. [3D]-brett
5. dj
6. vis[pk]-wreck
7-8. [3D]-wombat, InFlow
9-12. Ironson, m2-lavak3, [id]-geoff, LoSt-CaUsE
13-16. Mouse, Ubermeng, u5|Fireblade, actiQ

More info:

WT Stop #1 Registration

The registration for the first World Tour stop is now underway. The 1st official stop of the $1 million dollar “World Tour” will be 128 player, and will commence February 10-13th 2005.

The tournament game is Painkiller and the stop will offer a $50,000 cash purse with the following distribution. Additionally, the registered participants will be invited to participate in a free city tour and visit the following attractions.

Its about time this long awaited World Tour got started, and Im sure were in for some amazing games. Good luck to everyone that attends Turkey, youre going to need it. 🙂

You can register and find out more information here.

New fan site is comming soon

Hi all!
I think that most of you know my polish fan site ( I decided to make a English version and now you can see only language page. I havent a lots of time to translate everything by myself so I had to use automatic programms. Unfortunately there might be some mistakes.

Link to my website: If it doesnt work try this (Ill try to find a nice domain 😉 )

If somebody want to help me or have any ideas please write an e-mail:
If I finish, Ill write about it. See you soon……

eSLive Interview 4Kings

4Kings & eSLive are running a 4Kings / Painkiller special including an IRC based interview with 3 members of the UK 4Kings Painkiller team this weekend (starting tonight!). The interview will include 4K^AphexTwin, 4K^Zaccubus and 4K^Razorb. You can find more details on the eslive website HERE. Why dont you go along and see what the 4Kings team have to say 🙂

ESL Painkiller 1o1 EAS

In cooperation with publisher Dreamcatcher, the ESL have added Painkiller to the ESL Amateur Series(EAS). They will host a Painkiller 1o1 EAS leaugue that will take place over the next six months (01-17-2005 to 06-30-2005). Players ranked #1 to #10 in the German and European Painkiller ladders will be invited to the EAS and being offered a 3 Month Premium Account (since a Premium Account is necessary to participate in an EAS league).

Prize distribution:

1st place: €500 cash
2nd place: €250 cash
3th place: €150 cash
4th & 5th place: €50 cash

Read the rules and subscribe.

Source: ESL

Second World Tour stop details

After the announcement of the Turkey World Tour stop details, the CPL also made the details of the World Tour stop in Spain public:

The second stop of the World Tour will be in Barcelona, Spain, and will take place March 20-23, 2005. The online registration will open Friday, February 11, 2005 and admission is $60eur per person for the four day event.

The Spain World Tour Stop will take place in Barcelona at the Palau Sant Jordi. This venue is conveniently located 20 minutes from Barcelona (BCN) Airport.

A special discount code and hotel information will be available on Friday, February 11, 2005.

A World Tour Greeting Desk located at the hotel will be available commencing March 19th to assist gamers with questions and facilitate the check-in process.

Full cultural details will be released on February 11th, and will include: a tour of the city’s important historic and architectural sites, dinner at an exclusive restaurant, and a VIP lounge at one of Barcelona’s hottest clubs.

The official tournament game of the Cyberathlete® World Tour is Painkiller: Black Edition.

The Tour Stop will also host tournaments for Counter-Strike: Source (25,000€) and WarCraft III (8,000€).

Turkey World Tour stop details


Turkey world tour stop details

The CPL have announced the details of the first stop of the World Tour.

The first stop of the World Tour will be in Istanbul, Turkey, and will take place February 10-13, 2005. The online registration will open Saturday, January 15, 2005 and admission is $65 per person.

The Turkey Stop will take place in Istanbul at the CNR EXPO. Conveniently located two minutes from Atatürk Airport at the intersection of E5, TEM Highway and the Coast visitors coming from foreign countries can have access to CNR EXPO without having to travel through the busy traffic of Istanbul (see animation).

A special discount code will be available on Thursday, January 20th for the Radisson SAS Hotel Istanbul.

Gamers wanting to participate in the free Cultural Tour taking place on Thursday, February 10, 2005 should arrive in Istanbul on February 9th.

Read the details here on the Cultural Tour.

The official tournament game of the Cyberathlete® World Tour is Painkiller: Black Edition.

The Tour Stop will also host tournaments for Counter-Strike v. 1.6 ($15,000) and WarCraft III ($5,000).


DM_Lukin Alpha 2 Released

Lukin has released Alpha 2 of his first DM Map DM_Lukin. The Map has a certain CPMA feel about it with a relatively high skill level at jumping required to navigate smoothly and efficiently around the map. A good map for anyone wishing to hone this skill 🙂

Lukin is looking for feedback to his map on our forums HERE so please go DOWNLOAD the map and give it a whirl! Its a little way off of arting yet so we won’t put up piccies just yet 😉

New Ritual/CPL Maps v1.0!

The CPL has announced that Ritual have released the final versions of their new duel maps. Weve been waiting for the arting to be complete for a few weeks now and you can now make your final conclusions on the maps. Heres the news from the CPL themselves:

At the request of the CPL, game developer Ritual Entertainment created three new one-versus-one multiplayer maps for Painkiller. The new maps are:

DM_Absinthe by Todd Mr Clean Rose
DM_Ballistic by Russell Castle Meakim
DM_5quid01 by Richard Charon Heath

Download the final version maps here.

DM_Absinthe was used in last weekends Dignitas/pkeuro tournament and had mixed reactions from the players. Let us know what you think of the maps in the comments to this post 🙂

DM_Absinthe DM_Ballistic DM_5quid01

Team Dignitas Cup finishes

Dignitas New Years Cup

The Team Dignitas cup came to an end today, which saw the undefeated in all Painkiller compititions Vo0 take the win. The cup started on Saturday, at around 12pm GMT and lasted til around 9pm GMT the same night and saw some amazing games take place.

TsN shoutcasted near enough all matches that took place, and also provided video footage through their TvSN program. So a big big thank you goes out to TsN, who did a great job of giving the spectators some fun.

Vo0 got to the final with ease, taking out the following people on his way:

maniax [30-10]
CLains [57-0 / 43-18]
toxter [44-10 / 24-18]
Forrest [45-6 / 15-8]

In the final he came across one of his arch rival enemys (in a friendly way) in Painkiller; Stermy. Stermy had looked strong all tournament, and it was definately going to be a match to remember.

The game started off slowly, but got into a nice pace.. Vo0, however, was not going to lose. Not to anyone.

Vo0 [23-14 / 29-23] Stermy

This sees Vo0 still unbeaten in all tournaments, whether they be online or offline. When will the day he takes his first defeat come?

Jolt PCZone PK Tourney

Jolt are to run another PCZone tournament for Painkiller this month, the tournament which has a pretty cool prize pool will start towards the end of January and will be single elimination.

If you’re looking for some extra hardware, or just want to have some Painkiller fun, you can sign up for the tournament here.

The tournament is open to all residents of Europe.