This Friday at 09:00 pm , PKSC host a painkiller cup if u wish to take part in this u can visit there website or ask in there irc channel #pksverige speak with an op for help or information about the event

Menu to the left Anmälning means Sign up !

good luck and have fun for all people that take part in this event

ESL Spring Cup

The Electronic Sports League is hosting a 2on2 TDM Spring Cup for Painkiller which still has some open slots.

The cup consists of 16 teams as a maximum and will kick off on wednesday 23/03/2005 at 9:15pm (cet).

Of course this cup also has some prizes:

1st place: 2 x Speedpad orange-flex, 6 month ESL Premium Account
2nd place: 3 month ESL Premium Account (for each player)
3rd place: 2 month ESL Premium Account (for each player)

A double elimination system is used and each week a new round is played, the grand final will be at the end of april. The first match date is fixed, the matches for the next rounds can be adjourned by 6 days.

The signups will close on wednesday at 5pm (cet). Since this cup uses a checkin system to figure out which team is active in the beginning the teams have to be online at 8:30pm (cet) on wednesday to validate their presence on the ESL site.
So even if you do not get a free slot during the signups there is still a chance to play in this cup if teams do not show up.

Each team can chose one map of the following mappool for each match:
DM_Ballistic DM_Cursed DM_Fallen1 DM_Illuminati DM_Sacred

If the match results in a draw DM_Ballistic has to be played as decider map.

After loging in to the ESL site and creating a 2on2 team you can sign up here: