CPL WT Brazil demos uploaded!

The demos/replays from CPL WT Brazil has been uploaded by CPL. Seems like CPL have learned a lesson and surprised many by uploading the demos directly after the event was finished, good job CPL. There are plenty of good matches to see and learn from. Too bad that the demo playback is not perfect but hopefully they will fix that sometime in the future.

Here are some links to the Grand Final:

border: 1px solid #c7c7c7 alt= src=http://www.team-vip.se/images/flags/nl.gif /> Sander “Vo0” Kaasjager vs border: 1px solid #c7c7c7 alt= src=http://www.team-vip.se/images/flags/us.gif /> Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel

Map: Sacred x 5

_blank href=”http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Brazil/fnatic_Vo0-fatal1ty.DM_Sacred.28-05-05-17-38-47.zip”>Round 1

_blank href=”http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Brazil/fnatic_Vo0-fatal1ty.DM_Sacred.28-05-05-17-56-12.zip”>Round 2

_blank href=”http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Brazil/fnatic_Vo0-fatal1ty.DM_Sacred.28-05-05-18-12-48.zip”>Round 3

_blank href=”http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Brazil/fnatic_Vo0-fatal1ty.DM_Sacred.28-05-05-18-37-34.zip”>Round 4

_blank href=”http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Brazil/fnatic_Vo0-fatal1ty.DM_Sacred.28-05-05-18-53-42.zip”>Round 5

The rest of the demos you could find in the WT Brazil catalouge – _blank href=”http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Brazil/”>http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Brazil/

The files are now zipped..


dREk – _blank href=”http://www.team-vip.se/”>www.team-vip.se

CPL WT Brazil Results..

CPL WT Brazil has comed to an end and the winner of the tournament is Sander “vo0” Kaasjager from fnatic. Seemed like the whole event went pretty smoothly and there were some surprises in this tournament like Booms finishing top 8.

Here is the results from CPL WT border: 1px solid #c7c7c7 alt= src=http://www.team-vip.se/images/flags/br.gif /> Brazil:

01. border: 1px solid #c7c7c7 alt= src=http://www.team-vip.se/images/flags/nl.gif /> Sander “Vo0” Kaasjager – $15,000
02. border: 1px solid #c7c7c7 alt= src=http://www.team-vip.se/images/flags/us.gif /> Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel – $10,000
03. border: 1px solid #c7c7c7 alt= src=http://www.team-vip.se/images/flags/de.gif /> Benjamin “zyz” Bohrmann – $7,000
04. border: 1px solid #c7c7c7 alt= src=http://www.team-vip.se/images/flags/se.gif /> Alex “Ztrider” Ingarv – $5,000
05. border: 1px solid #c7c7c7 alt= src=http://www.team-vip.se/images/flags/it.gif /> Alessandro “Stermy” Avallone – $3,500
06. border: 1px solid #c7c7c7 alt= src=http://www.team-vip.se/images/flags/de.gif /> Stephan “SteLam” Lammert – $2,500
07. border: 1px solid #c7c7c7 alt= src=http://www.team-vip.se/images/flags/ca.gif /> Andrew “gellehsak” Ryder – $1,750
08. border: 1px solid #c7c7c7 alt= src=http://www.team-vip.se/images/flags/it.gif /> Vincenzo “Booms” D Aurelio – $1,250
09-12. border: 1px solid #c7c7c7 alt= src=http://www.team-vip.se/images/flags/it.gif /> Nicola “ForresT” Geretti – $625
09-12. border: 1px solid #c7c7c7 alt= src=http://www.team-vip.se/images/flags/us.gif /> Sean “Daler” Price – $625
09-12. border: 1px solid #c7c7c7 alt= src=http://www.team-vip.se/images/flags/us.gif /> Mark “wombat” Larsen – $625
09-12. border: 1px solid #c7c7c7 alt= src=http://www.team-vip.se/images/flags/ru.gif /> Alexey “LeXeR” Nesterov – $625
13-16. border: 1px solid #c7c7c7 alt= src=http://www.team-vip.se/images/flags/se.gif /> Johan “sakh” Hessedahl – $375
13-16. border: 1px solid #c7c7c7 alt= src=http://www.team-vip.se/images/flags/se.gif /> Viktor “worre” Liljeblad – $375
13-16. border: 1px solid #c7c7c7 alt= src=http://www.team-vip.se/images/flags/uk.gif /> David “Zaccubus” Treacy – $375
13-16. border: 1px solid #c7c7c7 alt= src=http://www.team-vip.se/images/flags/it.gif /> Riccardo “Vicious” Zanocchio – $375

//dREk – _blank href=”http://www.team-vip.se”>www.team-vip.se

CPL WT Sweden Registration..

The Sweden World Tour Stop is scheduled to take place June 16-19, 2005 during (_blank href=”http://www.dreamhack.se”>DreamHack – the world’s largest computer festival – in Jönköping at the Elmia Exhibition Center (_blank href=”http://www.elmia.se”>www.elmia.se) .

Jönköping is one of the leading transport, logistics and communications centers in Europe and the Elmia Exhibition Center is internationally known for exhibitions and trade fairs. Jönköping also offers a wide variety of cultural venues, including theaters, museums, a large concert hall, art galleries and a range of other cultural attractions. Players who register for the official $50,000 Painkiller competition will get the opportunity to participate in a cultural tour of the city.

Attendees of this World Tour Stop can receive a discounted hotel rate of $80USD/night for a double room at one of two Scandia Hotel properties, the Scandia Elmia or the Scandia Portalen. Reservations must be made by phone, and attendees should use the keyword “DreamHack” to receive the discounted rate.

Competitors can register for this event for a $50 registration fee at _blank href=”http://www.thecpl.com/register/”>www.thecpl.com/register/.

Source: _blank href=”http://www.thecpl.com”>www.thecpl.com

//dREk – _blank href=”http://www.team-vip.se”>www.team-vip.se

The Bohle Company to Promote CPL

The CPL ( http://www.thecpl.com/league/ ) have announced that they are contracting the Bohle Company to handle publicity for the CPL events, including the World Tour.

LOS ANGELES – May 23, 2005 – Cyberathlete Professional League® (CPL) has signed on The Bohle Company to handle strategy and press relations to garner visibility for the CPL’s hottest events this year; the respected PR firm will handle both the Cyberathlete® Extreme Summer Championships and the $1,000,000 CPL® World Tour.
“We’re thrilled The Bohle Company is handling the publicity for our tournaments – they have a long record of success promoting games events” stated Angel Munoz, founder and president, CPL. “The Bohle Company will give the CPL, our competitors and our sponsors both the enthusiast and the mainstream recognition that is due to our new sport.”

The Cyberathlete Extreme Summer Championships is bigger than ever with over 6,500 gamers expected to compete in the game tournament and LAN party at the new Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine, Texas on Wednesday, July 6 through Sunday, July 10, 2005. The $1,000,000 CPL World Tour, which will conclude with a giant showdown in November in New York City, is the largest, year-long competitive tour in the growing sport of videogame competitions.

Media interested in the Cyberathlete Extreme Summer Championships can contact CPLpress@bohle.com.

About The Bohle Company

Founded in 1979, The Bohle Company is one of the 50 largest independent PR agencies in the country and the largest technology-focused firm in Southern California. The agency has gathered a number of awards including a Silver Anvil for product launches and a Gold SABRE award for Issues Management from the Holmes Report – two of the highest honors in the PR profession.

On further examination, Bohle’s clients already include: Alienware, CMP Game Group, Eastman Kodak, Enlight Studios, Exent Technology, Gravity Interactive, Go-Video, IDG Entertainment, IDV GMOD, IGN Entertainment, Independent Games Association, Infinium Labs, K-WILL Corporation, Linux Professional Institute, Love Beep, Navigame, Newegg.com, Nihilistic Software, nYko Technology, Seiko Instruments USA, Vicarious Visions, Workstream, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, and Zindart Ltd; illustrating a large number of IT and Gaming-based companies already – highlighting their claim to have expertise in the Video Gaming Industry amongst others. Under this claim, they include having worked with; id/Activision, 3dfx, and Electronic Arts, to mention a few.

It will be interesting to see how they promote PK and the CPL.

Painkiller 2 in development

Quote from worthplaying.com (http://www.worthplaying.com/article.php?sid=25594):

“Another day of E3 has ended and today we walked away with an inside scoop. During an E3 presentation, our ever-attentive ears caught the most interesting piece of information. During the Painkiller Xbox demo it was revealed to us that People Can Fly is already working on a sequel to Painkiller — not an expansion pack, like Battle Out Of Hell, but a full-blown follow-up title. No further information or tentative release date were mentioned.”

Pre CPL Brazil Predictions

With the CPL World Tour Stop Brazil starting in one week I decided to bring you another Painkiller feature. This one is different from what you’ve seen so far. It was supposed to be dedicated only to the players that spend endless hours to master their skill and finally compete against the world’s best gamers for a great prize, which $1.000.000 undoubtely is. But having the opportunity, I would like to discuss some other issues regarding Painkiller. If you are curious what can a simple rocket physics change lead to then I recommend you read my feature. Next is the CPL Spain Wrapup followed by the CPL Brazil predictions.

Check out my feature here:

PK++ v1.2.1.64 Available

A new version of PK++ is now available for download through Steamfish, which upgrades the current version to

The new version includes some bug fixes and changes which you can read below:


FIX: Simplehud switch weapons is now reflected in the HUD
FIX: Console now works in menu (PCF bug)
FIX: Blackedition now shows PK++ desktop
ADD: Cfg.DirectInput allows setting of directinput/windowsinput for mouse and keyboard. \directinput from console.
ADD: Simplehudshadow to toggle font shadowing on simplehud
ADD: PK++ GUI options for text shadowing
ADD: Cfg.TeamScoresShadowLevel for custom shadowing level
ADD: Cfg.ShowFPSShadowLevel for custom shadowing level
ADD: Cfg.ShowPingShadowLevel for custom shadowing level
ADD: Cfg.ShowTimerShadowLevel for custom shadowing level
ADD: Blowfish command from console to load up a sample config (remember to back-up your own config first)
ADD: TextureQuality command from console. Range 0-31
ADD: TextureQualityArchitecture command from console. Range 0-31
ADD: TextureQualityCharacters command from console. Range 0-31
ADD: TextureQualitySkies command from console. Range 0-31
ADD: TextureQualityWeapons command from console. Range 0-31
ADD: Cfg.HitSounds | \HitSounds for disabling hit sounds
ADD: Cfg.NoGong | \NoGong to remove gong sound per minute (voice sounds remain)
ADD: Cfg.NoMPComments | \NoMPComments to remove MP death commentry (initial respawn comment remains; fight etc.)
ADD: Cfg.BrightSkins | \BrightSkins to disable brightskins
CHANGE: Restartmap re-enabled at end-of-match
CHANGE: Some HUD text slight position changes
CHANGE: Teamscores tidy
NOTE: Weapon switch using mousewheel seems to work best using Cfg.WheelSensitivity = 3

As usual, if you have any feedback on PK++ or would just like to suggest something, please email mods@pkeuro.com and we will try to get back to you ASAP.

Standalone Installer

PKEURO 2v2 League

The sign ups have now closed for the first season of the PKEURO 2v2 League. 17 teams came forward which unfortunately means only 2 divisions were filled with 5 waiting teams. I have exercised my excel skills and whipped up a page with the teams per division, results per week and each divisions respective table. We have a nicer system in progress and hopefully will move to this in the future. But for now, this will work 🙂

You can find the page HERE. The rule set can be found in our forums HERE. Any comments are appreciated. We now need a few admins to help watch over the games and as we only have 2 divisions, this will only take up 2 hours of anyones time maximum. If you would like to help, get hold of me in IRC on our channel #painkiller.euro on quakenet and let me know.

We look forward to some good, fun games next week. See you all then!


This map is a mix between q1s famous dm6 and dm_psycho.
It could be good both for 1v1 and 2v2.
Remember it is a BETA: if it will be liked, more work will be done on it (textures, lighting, pk teleporters, a real name 🙂 and items placement is not definitive too.
Write here your suggestions or contact me at #pkmaps !



To install: put the .pkm file in /painkiller/data , then you will find DM_Q1DM6 in the mappool 🙂

Note: ElectroDriver is in the map…you will need a rocketjump to pick it 😉

PK++ v1.1.1.64 Available

A new version of PK++ is now available for download through the almighty Steamfish tool, which upgrades the current version to

The new version includes some bug fixes and changes which you can read below:

FIX: Shotgun ammo now showing in specmode
FIX: Player demos are named from POV player first – does not apply to spectator demos
FIX: Restartmap during final scoreboard causing spectator lockout
ADD: Minimal self-integrity and validation check
ADD: Public notification on server when a non-pk++ client is being used. Cfg.ImpureClientWarning
ADD: TeamScoresShadow | Cfg.TeamScoresShadow for font shadow
ADD: ShowPingX ShowPingY | Cfg.ShowPingX Cfg.ShowPingY for ShowPing position.
ADD: playdemo and recorddemo command aliases
CHANGE: Text shadow effects increased slightly – optional to disable for each HUD item
CHANGE: Small position changes on some HUD items
CHANGE: Quad respawn time set to 2 minutes

As usual, if you have any feedback on PK++ or would just like to suggest something, please email mods@pkeuro.com and we will try to get back to you ASAP.

Custom Maps and #pkmaps

At CPL Spain we saw two things; firstly that a custom map from the community could make it to be being used in by the CPL. Secondly, we saw that a new map pushes players to adapt to new tactics, and arguably, helps open up the tournament to breaking existing players domination on the standard maps. Of course, we should also remember that the community’s initial response to meatless was far from 100% positive; whereas now, many players greatly like the map.

The guys in #pkmaps on quakenet are working on new maps and looking at improving existing maps and conversions to meet gameplay requirements for pk. Hopefully we’ll see conversions and/or new maps being developed for PK further, be they for competitive gameplay as being used in the CPL, or for fun online gameplay.

You can find work on maps in


..which includes maps in various states. #pkmaps is always looking for support from everything from play-testing, sharing ideas, or helping with developing the maps further.

World Tour Stop Changed!

The CPL announced that it has revised the sequence of its $1,000,000 World Tour Stops to accept an invitation to host the Swedish stop at the world’s largest computer festival: DreamHack. The Swedish World Tour stop, hosting a $50,000 one-versus-one Painkiller competition, will now take place June 16-19, 2005 in Jonkoping, Sweden at the Elmia Convention Center.

Over 5,000 gamers are expected to attend the DreamHack festival this year. The online registration for the Swedish stop will launch next week at the CPL’s registration website located at www.thecpl.com/register/. Furthermore, the stop in Germany has been moved to August and the stop in the United Kingdom to September.

For more info go to CPL`s Homepage at: www.thecpl.com

CPL Spain Demos

A quick note for those who missed it; CPL Spain demos were belatedly uploaded, and the finals can be found, here:

SK|SteLam vs fnatic.Vo0 (DM_1v1_meatless)

Round 1: http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Spain/SK_SteLam-fnatic_Vo0.DM_1v1_meatless.01-05-05-14-43-55.zip
Round 2: http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Spain/SK_SteLam-fnatic_Vo0.DM_1v1_meatless.01-05-05-15-37-52.zip
Round 3: http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Spain/SK_SteLam-fnatic_Vo0.DM_1v1_meatless.01-05-05-15-42-30.zip
Round 4: http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Spain/SK_SteLam-fnatic_Vo0.DM_1v1_meatless.01-05-05-16-36-27.zip

SK|SteLam vs fnatic.Vo0 (DM_Absinthe)

Round 1: http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Spain/SK_SteLam-fnatic_Vo0.DM_Absinthe.01-05-05-11-15-21.zip
Round 2: http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Spain/SK_SteLam-fnatic_Vo0.DM_Absinthe.01-05-05-12-14-03.zip
Round 3: http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Spain/SK_SteLam-fnatic_Vo0.DM_Absinthe.01-05-05-15-04-57.zip
Round 4: http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Spain/SK_SteLam-fnatic_Vo0.DM_Absinthe.01-05-05-16-03-32.zip

SK|SteLam vs fnatic.Vo0 (DM_Sacred)

Round 1: http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Spain/SK_SteLam-fnatic_Vo0.DM_Sacred.01-05-05-14-24-00.zip
Round 2: http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Spain/SK_SteLam-fnatic_Vo0.DM_Sacred.01-05-05-15-21-40.zip
Round 3: http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Spain/SK_SteLam-fnatic_Vo0.DM_Sacred.01-05-05-15-22-35.zip
Round 4: http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Spain/SK_SteLam-fnatic_Vo0.DM_Sacred.01-05-05-16-20-15.zip

The other demos from the tournament, can be found here:


Hopefully we might have TVsN avis at some point also.

PKEURO Logos Needed

PKEURO needs some new logos for advertising on other sites. If anyone out there can create some relatively high standard work in the standard banner sizes including 140×60, we’d be very grateful 🙂

email any banners you create for us to w4rh0g@d3euro.com. We’ll be sure to post the banners here with kudos to the authors for all to see.

Thanks in advance!

Painkiller 1v1 Tournament

International Gaming Association is hosting an Online Painkiller Tournament. Matches start Thursday May 12th and the tournament will be completed by Saturday May 14th. Message FalcoNoclaF or krimsonxx in #IGA on gamesurge for more information and signups. Players of all skill levels are welcome, and there is no registration fee. Stop by at #IGA on irc.gamesurge.net for more details.

DM_K3Inzane Released

A second new map from K3rn! has been released that harks back to the good old quake3 days where FFAs were a plenty on DM17. Anyone from this genre of play will remember the open, outer space setting of DM17, and the huge satisfaction of railing the crap out of your opponents from the other side of the map.

DM_K3Inzane has this feel to it with no walls seperating you from your opponent, and plenty of holes to plummet to your death through. A small selection of weapons, armour and ammo is available, along with the obligatory jump pad to fire you into the air ready for my stake hehehe….

Lots of fun with PK++ bots although they seem to enjoy leaping into the void at the moment as the waypoint files are not available for the map as yet. All in all, well worth a download. You can grab the map HERE, and below are a few pictures to wet your appetite. Let us know what you think in the comments.


World Tour Brazil Stop Details

The CPL World Tour Stop in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will take place May 27 to May 29, at the Sheraton Rio & Towers Hotel (www.sheraton-rio.com).

Located at the seashore, with the largest recreation area of the city, the Sheraton Rio offers a tropical ambience that everyone wants to experience when visiting Rio de Janeiro. The hotel is located in a wonderful tropical vegetation oasis, over a beach touched by the Atlantic Ocean waters, and surrounded by mountains. The Hotel also has private access to the beach.

Sheraton Accommodations Package: Sheraton has exclusive packages for gamers and guests of the World Tour Stop in Brazil, the double room rate per night is R$240,00 (plus taxes) – about $100 USD – with breakfast included. To get this package the reservation must be made before May 20 at (55 21) 2274-1122 and you must use this special discount code: MARK050525.

IMPORTANT: Note that the dates chosen for Brazil Stop will be on a four-day holiday in Brazil, and the city may be very crowded with tourists. We strongly recommend that participants make hotel reservations early.

Address: Located at Niemeyer Avenue, 121, in Leblon neighborhood, between the famous Ipanema Beach and the new Barra da Tijuca neighborhood. Pictures and map can be found at the English version of the CPL WT Brazil Stop website: ( http://www.thecpl.com.br/eng_local.html )

Players who register for the Official $50,000 Painkiller competition also get the chance to participate in the City Tour through the most acclaimed tourist spots of Rio de Janeiro on Thursday, May 26, 2005. The English spoken tour, includes the Corcovado, Pão de Açúcar, the main beaches and lunch at one of the most celebrated food specialties in Brazil: a “churrascaria” steakhouse, at Barra da Tijuca beach.


PKEURO 2v2 Signups So Far..

Just a quick update on where we are with respect to sign ups for the 2v2 league. 7 teams have signed up thus far. These are:


D&M – Akiles / SombrA
S² – SaxonBeast / ScOoBzOr / eSrem
First-Gaming – Clains / Xhep
VGA – ChOu / BiChO
unlucky – flo / nOs
xplosionZ – God of Shaolin / TelekilleR / iNzaNe
GNFOS – [VIP]Radical / team9|tRONic / ([VIP]dREk)
kaszanka squad – Stork / Hitman
2ofakind – u4ea / koshiko
myhavoC.pk – myhavoC|aLx / myhavoC|clarkY / myhavoC|Ju7i
noobs.at – Orion / Smubob / mETa
Team Matrix – TM|Crazy / TM|Rospo
Kippari Kallet – eizid / beam / kahoona

5 spots left open…

If you think you can defeat any (or all?) of the teams above, and fancy some organised 2v2 competition on a Wednesday evening, read the news post below and drop me a mail. I foresee the league kicking off in a week or two.