PKEURO 2v2 League Signups Open

Thats right, PKEURO is happy to open up the sign ups for our 2v2 league to be ran on a Wednesday evening 7pm to 9pm (start times). DreamCatcher has sponsored the tournament via the usage of its official servers hosted by Jolt. Many thanks to them!

The league is set to be 3 divisions of 6 teams to begin with. A forum post is open HERE to discuss the rule set and we would appreciate any opinions/thoughts you have.

I will be gathering the names of the teams signing up offline and will start to assemble the tables ready to post in a week or so. You can sign your team up by emailing me HERE. Note, teams must be a minimum of 3 players with one designated captain. Whomever emails me the names of the team is deemed captain and will be the contact henceforth.

I’ll keep you posted on how many teams we have signed up as time goes by. We are also requesting support from the players via admins. As 3 servers will be used, each for 3 hours, we will need some support in admining the games. If you are interested, also please email me.

Any company wishing to sponsor the league with prizes can do so by getting in touch with me via the email link above. At this time, no prizes are available for the winners except prestige 🙂