CPL WT Sweden Registration..

The Sweden World Tour Stop is scheduled to take place June 16-19, 2005 during (_blank href=”http://www.dreamhack.se”>DreamHack – the world’s largest computer festival – in Jönköping at the Elmia Exhibition Center (_blank href=”http://www.elmia.se”>www.elmia.se) .

Jönköping is one of the leading transport, logistics and communications centers in Europe and the Elmia Exhibition Center is internationally known for exhibitions and trade fairs. Jönköping also offers a wide variety of cultural venues, including theaters, museums, a large concert hall, art galleries and a range of other cultural attractions. Players who register for the official $50,000 Painkiller competition will get the opportunity to participate in a cultural tour of the city.

Attendees of this World Tour Stop can receive a discounted hotel rate of $80USD/night for a double room at one of two Scandia Hotel properties, the Scandia Elmia or the Scandia Portalen. Reservations must be made by phone, and attendees should use the keyword “DreamHack” to receive the discounted rate.

Competitors can register for this event for a $50 registration fee at _blank href=”http://www.thecpl.com/register/”>www.thecpl.com/register/.

Source: _blank href=”http://www.thecpl.com”>www.thecpl.com

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