NewPK 0.2

NewPK 0.2 changelog

-Removed videos at startup
-New Main Menu background
-Added “NewPK Options” menu
-Added 2 minutes overtime for Duel, TDM and CTF modes
-Added frag messages
-Added “player -vs- player” text during Duel warm up
-Electro+Driver Combo: reduced range and increased required ammo to 75
-Ammos: reduced the amount of ammo you pick up from Freezer and Shurykens ammo packs
-Maps: various changes on DM_New_Psycho; partially fixed teleporter textures on “New” maps (thx PeTjA)
-Compiled the scripts, increasing code efficiency and locking the game to possible cheaters
-Increased hitsounds/killsound quality (thx to Jeremy “Mogul” Emerson)
-Fixed ammolist bug
-“Addbot” command for listen servers (the bot will just idle; to remove it change/reload the map)

Previous features and more info in the readme.

Download NewPK 0.2 from HERE

Here is a list of NewPK 0.2 servers: [ITA] (you can callvote maxplayers and gamemode here) [DE] (password: rami)

When there will be new servers (soon) i will write here