Bleezy Painkiller Xbox Vid

As posted over at the DC PK XBox forums, Jook of has uploaded a video for us to see how Painkiller performs on a console. The video features: Jo0k (POV) vs. NsN JA1LB1RD

Obviously the XBox version comes without any of the Mods we are used to.

You can grab it for yourself and see what you think, here:;5517683;;/fileinfo.html

Painkiller PK++ Funcup #2

Mason Gaming has announced another ‘Fun Cup’ for PK using the PK++ mod.[q]Next Painkiller PK++ Funcup is at 03.12.2006.
We play Double Elimination bo3 again.
There will be no bracket problems ! so we can run the cup without any complications. You have to Sign up twice. 1. between 14.11.2006 and 02.12.2005.
2. @ 03.12.2006 between 15:00 and 17:30CET
We start at 18:00CET. For Signup pm mason“ in #pk.1on1 irc Quakenet. #pk.1on1 is this time the official Cup Channel so please perform this Channel and stay there [/q]You can read more about it on

Someone to Take the PK++ Torch?

After work on PK++ draw to a close, I have ended up with various small requests for tweaks and new features. Also there are some mods which struggle with various aspects of what PK++ has already done. It would be good to see someone take on further development of PK++ to improve it yet further. It *may* even be possible to improve the netcode slightly from it, and is certainly possible to fix the demo code. I can give pointers to thoughts I had during PK++ on this but ran out of time to fix.

But who will take on the torch?

If you wish to work on PK++, please abide by the licensing, and if you wish to work on it openly through Sourceforge, this can be arranged… just drop me an email at or talk with me Blowfish on quakenet irc.

You can find the source code release, HERE.

Best part of Painkiller?

Okay this is not strictly news, but in the absence of news, it is worth strengthening the community by sharing views and discussing… so here goes:

As we take a retrospective look back on Painkiller, the CPL, what was and what wasnt good about Quake 4 and all the other hopefulls, it is worth looking again at Painkiller with the benefit of hindsight.

I would suggest if Painkiller had come out after Doom3 and after Quake4, it would have been much more successful.

I would also suggest that the two things wrong with Painkiller are simply that the netcode was never finished, and that the stake gun and gameplay isnt great for FFA. If you look at the big games out there, they all have good accessible FFA in common. CS, for example, is all about immediately accessible FFA. In PK meanwhile, the skill level means the game can be frustrating for newcomers.

But what does everyone else think? What is good about Painkiller, and what is bad about it? In playing for money, did most players forget to play it for fun?

Sir Spamalot

Long time no post. As you can imagine, a few things happened. Firstly PK++ went open source so that anyone can work on improving it where I do not have so much time, secondly I do not have so much time spare for PK++ hence the above 🙂 Thirdly I finally got around to fixing the posting so that bots cannot spam all that useful information about things on the net – hopefully this should have fixed it. Unfortunately it means you have to register to post/tag, but perhaps this is no bad thing!

All the best, and happy fragging!

Painkiller Videos

Hello! I would like to inform that the best videos all around the gloebe from various pker’s have been hosted in sys shared Painkiller server.
Here hosted are the singleplayer and multiplayer videos.

After a long hosting i am proud to present them:-)

Lab nurses: (bloodbuster)


Painkiller last: (bloodbuster)


Mad Momments: (bloodbuster)


Painkiller screenshot videos: (bloodbuster)




Golem Enclave: (peti)


Hills goldrush: (peti)


Opera with stake: (peti)


Opera with painkiller: (peti)


Swamp ZO2: (peti)


PK town: (peti)


Snowy bridge: (peti)


Resident Pain: (PainkillerDark)


Faces of Destruction 5: (doughboy1er)


Insignia: (z900, xaku, Razorb)


Crazy frags: (wto)


Wellcome to Hell: (masp)


Pro fragz: (xaero)


True Pain: (Razorb)


Thor and Necrogiant: (Artas1984)


Abandoned Factory: (kalme)


Forest_404: (kalme)


Hills tanks: (cyody)


Palace: (cyody)


Fun: (cyody)


Factory fun: (cyocy)


Babel: (cyody)


Surfen3: (cyody)


Guardian: (cyody)


Experiece Painkiller 1: (SYS)


Experience Painkiller 2: (SYS)


5 stars Ruins: (SYS)


5 stars Tower: (SYS)


Mine riding: (SYS)


Lemmings: (greybeard)


Lemmings 2: (greybeard)


Lemmings 3: (greybeard)


All souls compilation: (greybeard)


Camping in Hell: (greybeard)


Camping in Palace: (greybeard)


Camping in Babel: (greybeard)


PK-League @ ESL

*CALLING ALL PKERS!* Mason is trying to bring PK back to the ESL. Im pretty sure if more player register the ESL will restart a league.

After U registered please post some comments in the forum.

Are we likely to see a second generation wave of Painkillers? Only time will tell.

#pk.1on1 reopened

The IRC Channel #pk.1on1 @ Quakenet is reopened !:) hf and gl 🙂
Next Painkiller Cup @ 03.12.2006 more infos @ Also #pk.1on1 is the official Cupchannel for the next Cup so pls perform this Channel and stay there 🙂 Maybe we can use this Channel as Community Channel for Painkiller.

JoWooD acquires Dreamcatcher

From Richard Wah Kan, President and CEO of DreamCatcher:

“DreamCatcher is very excited about joining forces with JoWooD. There are some incredible synergies that are now in place that will enable us to build a very strong global company. JoWooD possesses a great line-up of titles, supported by some dynamic brands and we are thrilled about helping to further grow those brands in North America.”

Full article here