Bleezy Painkiller Xbox Vid

As posted over at the DC PK XBox forums, Jook of has uploaded a video for us to see how Painkiller performs on a console. The video features: Jo0k (POV) vs. NsN JA1LB1RD

Obviously the XBox version comes without any of the Mods we are used to.

You can grab it for yourself and see what you think, here:;5517683;;/fileinfo.html

Painkiller PK++ Funcup #2

Mason Gaming has announced another ‘Fun Cup’ for PK using the PK++ mod.[q]Next Painkiller PK++ Funcup is at 03.12.2006.
We play Double Elimination bo3 again.
There will be no bracket problems ! so we can run the cup without any complications. You have to Sign up twice. 1. between 14.11.2006 and 02.12.2005.
2. @ 03.12.2006 between 15:00 and 17:30CET
We start at 18:00CET. For Signup pm mason“ in #pk.1on1 irc Quakenet. #pk.1on1 is this time the official Cup Channel so please perform this Channel and stay there [/q]You can read more about it on