Painkiller @ GIGA eSports TV

*Update* day changed to 11.02.07 !!!

Hi m8s.
Im at GIGA eSports TV @ Sunday 11.02.07 to tell the viewers something about our nice game painkiller.
We talk there about the history of Painkiller and the community. Maybe we will show a showmatch for the viewers and i try to teach something about playing the game. At the end GIGA will show the ESL Cup final commented by me and Nik of GIGA. I think it will be a funny and interesting evening.
So tune in on Sunday 04.02.2007 about 23:00.
You can watch it at Livestream.

PKJAM2 by Uuber

“The first part of this video is some fun stuff playing with the editor and, hopefully, being a little creative.
The majority of it is some jumps and finding a place on Trainstation you may not have been before. I showed a few people this spot in an MP game so it can be reached while playing online.”

The 36 MB *.wmv video is aviable on:

CPL without sponsors

Taken from a CEVO meeting:

“AMD, ATi, BenQ and Pizza Hut come in as a primary sponsor. Razer came in as a sponsor and Plantronics too. The reason most of them came in was because DirecTV was going to be there.
DirecTV pulled out and then they actually had their own little event.
Every one of them spent all this money to get television advertising basically and it never came to fruition.”

Read more about it on ESReality.
Or download the leaked 32MB *.MP3 here.

Steamfish Maps Added

Just a quick note to say that I have added the following maps to Steamfish:

DM_Vengeance.pkm (BETA)

Which hopefully will not kill pkeuro bandwidth. If someone has other hosting, please let me know. Run your Steamfishes now!

Poll for fixes

There is a smal chance that blowfish is going to fix some things for the MP part of PK. He would like to know what are the most importand things for you to be fixed.

Please describe the problems exactly as possible!!!

In the international DC Forum (english).
The polish Forum.
The german DC Forum.

Or in the comments.

There is also a new duelmap by killua-chan aviable called DM_Bam. If U would like to have this map in the ESL mappool too, vote at mason-gaming for it.