I have made a complete MonsterList.txt with all (230) aviable monsters from PK/BooH.

Please post wich monsters you are planing to test in the comments! Like PeTjA from monster 0-20. So we can avoid doubletesting!

For testing try to create small groups with different sizes of the monsters etc.

If U get LScript-errors post them in the comments from your /Bin/script_error.log. And if possible the line from the *.lua that causes the error.

Painkiller SP Map Support

For those that want it, here is a version of Painkiller.exe which supports listing SP maps for MP loading!

This is not essential for PKBeta testing, but useful if you like doing everything through the dedicated server interface / listen server menu ui. It goes without saying that this also does not require the game cd, and is fully compatible with Vanilla Painkiller.

PK++ Beta On Steamfish Updated

Right, we are now updated with the following changes. If they do not appear correctly, please communicate that HERE (in comments):

FIX: Player models now show correct weapon
FIX: Teleporter prediction turned off, was causing issues
FIX: Ravens/barrel removed
FIX: Loading times fixed
FIX: Local player jump sounds
FIX: Kill/out of level should work in warmup
FIX: Dedicated server now loads monsters
FIX: Clan arena and COOP modes shown in server create menu
FIX: Most monsters (90%) should work now on listen and dedicated
FIX: AI Brain changed for basic handling of multiple players
FIX: Respawnable on SP maps
ADD: Loc files for most maps! THANKS SYS!
ADD: Waypoint files for most maps! THANKS SYS!
ADD: Mapview files for most maps! THANKS SYS!


Weapon prediction issues
Interpolation model hovering
Item handling from SP maps for MP

If you get LScript errors, I need the name of the lua file, and the line number! LOOK AT YOUR script_error.log (and paste it here)!


Adrian Chmielarz Interview

MasPingon from the Polish Community had the very rare chance to interview Adrian Chmielarz, the boss of PCF himself on june 13th, talking about so many things …

Since it was a polish interview i wanna especialy thank very much osh for the translation!

Read the Full Interview here.

Keep in mind that the rights for the interview belong to the Polish Community. So dont post the interview somewhere else. Use the link. Thanks.

PK++ Beta On Steamfish

I have put the PK++ beta version ( onto Steamfish and will maintain it from there. NOTE: This is in addition to PK++, so that I can do more testing without spoiling PK++ for the non-testers.

Simply run the updater twice and answer yes to adding desktop icons. You will find a new shortcut on the desktop to run PK++ BETA TEST.



ADD: Console now bound to F1 (may make key configurable later)
CHANGE: Console now completes on settings as well as commands
ADD: DeferLoadingPlayers and DeferLoadingRest for faster load times
FIX: Teleporters and Jumppads now work based on client, rather than server
CHANGE: Converted PK++ over to easier-to-maintain format

Have fun 🙂