Mike Adams Interview

UK gaming magazine “PCZone” talked to Mike Adams (Producer at Dreamcatcher) about Painkiller: Overdose.
[q]”Also, for multiplayer we´re hopefully going to have six to eight new levels, on top of the multiplayer levels from Painkiller. Old favourites like the stake gun and the Painkiller weapon itself will be in there too.”[/q]

Download the full interview as 3,5 MB JPG (thanks Greybeard)!

Painkiller Funcup #6 by mason

Painkiller Funcup #6 will take place from 04.08.07 to 05.08.07. The tournament will start at 18:00 CEST.

You can sign up if you visit and register @ mason and find more information about the Cup at this page so please read the cup news carefully.

ESL Ladder

Half a year ago the ESL Painkiller Ladder returned. Now i see that the League is very inactive. I am a little bit dissapointed about that. It would be nice if some Painkiller players would return into the League.

Please join the Ladder www.esl.eu/eu/pk/

greetz mason

Ex-CPL Players comments

Thats what former CPL player think about the announced Painkiller: Overdose MOD:

Vo0:”wtb”(want to buy); Ztrider:”Im so gonna play this game!”; gellehsak:”Its a small world afterall… though on the flip side i am interested to see what theyve done with the game :P”
I assume CLains would like to play Overdose too.

Tomas Pluharik answering

Tomas “sep” Pluharik (the Boss of MindwareStudios) took some time and answered various questions he was asked by the community throu the forums:

– About the distribution of character development tools:[q]”These things has to be decided yet … I would like to say yes, but I am not sure if some tech issues will emerge …”[/q]

– About Demo:[q]”These things are being discussed now … what when how. We are now still thinking that some of Overdose stuf will be free for everyone/comunity … but that is part of further dealings.”[/q]

– About improving the game engine:[q]”Some small pieces, but the engine is slightly messy.”[/q]

– About the storyline and redoing stuff:[q]”There will be some content bump which will describe the cover story too … Some pieces, but we were ahead of schedule.”[/q]

Overdose officially announced

“DreamCatcher Interactive / JoWooD Productions Software AG today announced their plans to publish Painkiller-Overdose for Windows®.
With a worldwide release date set for October 2007, Painkiller-Overdose marks the return of the popular high-energy, frantic-styled gameplay that made the original Painkiller such a huge hit.”

Read the full announcement here