Mike Adams Interview

UK gaming magazine “PCZone” talked to Mike Adams (Producer at Dreamcatcher) about Painkiller: Overdose.
[q]”Also, for multiplayer we┬┤re hopefully going to have six to eight new levels, on top of the multiplayer levels from Painkiller. Old favourites like the stake gun and the Painkiller weapon itself will be in there too.”[/q]

Download the full interview as 3,5 MB JPG (thanks Greybeard)!

Painkiller Funcup #6 by mason

Painkiller Funcup #6 will take place from 04.08.07 to 05.08.07. The tournament will start at 18:00 CEST.

You can sign up if you visit and register @ mason and find more information about the Cup at this page so please read the cup news carefully.