Painkiller v1.63 CPL Fix Release

DreamCatcher have released a new patch for Painkiller today bringing the version upto 1.63. The patch includes the following changes:

– New version of the Linux server to fix custom maps/finding and manualIP issues with certain Linux versions
– Freezer re-work
– Gold Armor visibility issues
dead-bodies bug

As we do not have the official readme for the patch, this information comes from a post made on an earlier news item by [DC]Robert Stevenson.

You can download the patch from:

FileShack PATCH Linux Server
Fragland PATCH

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0 thoughts on “Painkiller v1.63 CPL Fix Release

  1. i`ve patched my server to 1.63 but it says 1.62 🙁
    with the standard cfg which is in the zip the server won`t run.

    help 😡

  2. “pk++ works fine on 1.63.”

    Yeah right… but you actually run 1.62 then because it replaces the new fixed files in LScripts.pak with the older non-fixed versions.

  3. no, i actually ran 1.63, because i’m using the new 1.63 files without replacing them with the pk++ files, and it works fine, with all the mod’s features.

  4. kalme! <3 How can I get in contact with you?

    kalme is right. You either have 1.63 or the mod’s features. The PK++ shortcut runs a .pak file which contains 1.62 code, and the official update only changes LScripts.pak to 1.63 – a file that isn’t used by PK++.

  5. sorry then, but help me on this: i’ve installed 1.63 fix, over pk++ files; so, what features do i have? and what features i don’t have?

  6. 1.63 only works with minimod fine or without any mod. If you think it works fine with pk++, than connect to the k-play servers, they are @version 1.63

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