Painkiller Patch v1.64

Dreamcatcher have released the v1.64 patch for painkiller today. The patch is pretty much the same as the v1.63 patch and has the following readme:

– FIX: Freezer bug
– FIX: Dead bodies bug
– FIX: Gold Armor bug

– FIX: If a certain path is taken you cant proceed (Docks) is fixed.

– FIX: Items now disappear correctly.
– FIX: Demon morph mode is recorded in demos.
– FIX: Sometimes demos were playing with incorrect speed.

NOTE: Version 1.64 can be installed only on PK ver 1.62 or 1.63.

We had expected v1.64 to be a standalone install to support installs from v1.0. The release of this ~6MB patch is a little puzzling as no changes above and beyond 1.63 are obvious. The official servers in the US are rolling to 1.64 shortly (if not already) and we expect the European servers to follow suit soon. At this time, we do not believe PK++ will work with v1.64 but will look to remedy this in the near future.

*EDIT* PK++ now supports 1.64, current version is Run Steamfish in the usual way to update. Standalone installer will follow shortly.

Grab the files here:




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0 thoughts on “Painkiller Patch v1.64

  1. are they patching this thing every 2 days?
    why even bother fixing the demos if there aren’t any. =/

    better wait and have PKTV support AND then fix the demo stuff.

  2. When I try to run PK with the 1.63/1.64 patch installed it doesn’t work. It says painkiller has encountered a problem and needs to close. Can anybody help?

  3. That doesn’t sound like an error produced by either of these patches to me, because they only changed some scripts with them. But the error you describe is produced by the application executable (or do you get a more specific error message?).

  4. well they obviously didn’t change too much of the demos-code…
    you can edit demo headers with a hex-editor (1.62 -> 1.64) and it works. useful for CPL demos, but still no HUD/scores and lots of warp.

  5. i´ve got problem with the Razer Diamondback Mouse in PK.
    The Middle mousbutton (scrollwheel button) dosn´t work
    with installed Razer-drivers.
    in painkiller-Control setup menu i can set the key,
    INGAME it dosn´t show a reaction. that means, when i
    push the button ingame, it dosn´t work.
    All other games (like: Warcraft3, Quake3, Counter
    Strike: Source, Soldier of Fortune 2, Doom3 … )
    don´t show that issue. the button works fine there.
    I asked the razer guys, but they are convinced it´s not a Mouse-driverbug, rather a Game-enginebug.

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