dignitas|Worre Wins IndeWEB Cup

Tonight saw RiZe|Aim and dignitas|worre play the final of the IndeWEB ( wwww.indeweb.de ) Painkiller Challenge Cup #1. Both players are from Sweden and are bootcamping along with Tybalt. Both players reach the final having played against the likes of SK|SteLam, e-star|Ztrider, dignitas|canna and play.it|vicious to name a few.

The first map was DM_Sacred (worres map choice), which saw a tentative start by both players. Worre managed to get solid map control and rack up the frags. Despite Aims efforts, the score finished: Worre 15 – 13 Aim

The second map was DM_Absinthe (Aims map choice), which saw Worre get early control. With some impressive stake use by Worre putting stop to Aims comebacks at times. Worre finishing ten frags ahead; Final score: Worre 19 – 9 Aim

With CPL Spain only 10 days away, it will be interesting to see how these players fair there.

You can find the complete results here : http://www.indiweb.de/de/gaming/grid/SingleElimination.htm

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