CPL Points System

The CPL has announced a new points system for the CPL World Tour.

The CPL announces a new point system for the $1,000,0000 World Tour.
This new point system, developed in conjunction with Bill Connolly (aka Wiseguy), rewards consistent achievement over the course of the World Tour and provides bonus points for players who win a match over higher-seeded players.

Overall, the new point system will provide a more fair representation of a players performance in the CPL World Tour.

At the World Tour Finals the tour participant who accumulates the most points will be awarded $20,000 by Intel (Title Sponsor of the World Tour) as the Most Valuable Player of the league. Using this new point system, it is possible for the recipient of this $20,000 to be someone other than the World Tour champion.

Point accumulation will be the primary information used to establish seeding for each Tour Stop throughout the year.

For more information on the point system visit: http://www.cplworldtour.com/index2.php?p=standings

You can find the post here.

0 thoughts on “CPL Points System

  1. Why does the CPL NEVER make sense…

    IF they are going to : “rewards consistent achievement”
    then it is imposible to Also : “provides bonus points for players who win a match over higher-seeded players”

    because when you are consistent your ranking will allways let you win vs lower ranked and lose vs higher ranked, unless ofcuz the CPL consistently makes errors in the rank.
    (These ppl get an advantage :s !)

    And when you are not consistent your ranking will usualy be off, and therefor you can beat more ppl with a higher rank more often. But on the other hand you’ll lose more often to ppl with a lower rank as well.
    (These ppl get an advantage as well! :s)

    Something is bound to be strange here…
    The only one that has an advantage by this is the one that improves. And the one that has had to improve can never be the most valuable player imho, but that’s prolly just my interpretation of being a most valuable (the way I read it most valuable should be the best there was over the total amount of time… but that’s just me)

  2. Weird, you have a point. But I’m almost positive they would define achievement in this case as a lower seed/player beating a higher seed/player thus proving him/herself worthy of a higher seed. Also, I’m sure it doesn’t count if it only happens once as it could be a fluke

  3. and winning against a player that is better seeded than you only gives you 1 bonus point more which is not that much but atleast something for having to play a better seeded. The player that was better seeded does not loose any points more than the points that he/she would get for winning that match which is far more than 1 point.

    However, I don’t say that this system is great or waterproof, it has it flaws but I believe it is better now than before. More complex but better.. not perfect!

  4. I’m not trying to say that it’s a bad thing I’m just trying to say that CPL either tries to mislead ppl with their postings or just are too stupid to write good ones (at least I suspect that if a company is bigger than 10 ppl there is bound to be someone who can think more about what he/she is writing than this one).

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