CPL Interviews!

It`s only 1 day left to the CPL WT Spain event in Barcelona!
I therefore took the opportunity to feel the pulse on two gamers from the swedish bootcamp, Ztrider from e-star and Radical from team VIP.

Hopefully this could give you a hint of what their expectations are and how they feel in general for the event. Other than that some general and personal questions were asked as well..

The interviews could be find on www.team-vip.se.

0 thoughts on “CPL Interviews!

  1. You cannot know who is.

    You must watch the demo and see when the player is showing the score. But for some people (like Vo0) you can understand who is playing by the FOV (Vo0 has 95 or 90, more “close”, stermy is like 115 or 120 and the screen is “wide”), or by the movements (Gellehsak for example always do “up – down” with his mouse :D, Ztrider is “slow” when he move his mouse, but is a burning fire when he hit with the shotgun, etc).

    It’s not a big problem. Always the score is showing, by one side at least.

  2. I have this same problem. Daler also does the up and down thing.

    I saw a Vo0 vs Fatality match and I saw some insane shotgun fire, with no fancy jumps, so I thought it was Fat. Ten minutes later, I found out this was Vo0, he pulled the scoreboard up for a milisecond and I barely saw it, I knew it was Vo0 because whoever I was watching was kicking azz.

    Also, I seem to be able to play the demo both in PK+ and Vanilla. I also do not get bright skins.

    I mean really… is this not just really freakin stupid? Who am I watching? Why is it at 20fps? Who’s winning? What’s the score? My god!

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