The stage is set for what is shaping up to the best painkiller tournament to-date! It would seem that the CPL have learned from the mistakes of Turkey (namely lack of stable internet) and have already posted preliminary seeds, brackets, and schedule. Also judging from the pictures coming from check6s and 4Ks sites, TsN has all their equipment safely transported out to Spain and setup to hopefully give us the best coverage so far.

The Action kicks off at 6am/Midday/1pm (EST,UK,EURO) According to TsNs site. So why not head over there and check it out.

Team Sportscast Network
Working Audio/Video Streams are now up !

CPL have also been working hard to make sure seeds, brackets and schedule have all been posted.

Anyway here are the links for the CPL information



CPL WT Schedule

CPL WT 64 Player Single Elim Bracket

CPL WT 32 Player Double Elim UPPER Bracket< CPL WT 32 Player Double Elim LOWER Bracket



Pictures are flooding onto the internet and already a few sites have got some galleries online (more links coming soon)

check6 Gallery

If anyone else has some pics posted up and wants them linked just hassle Syph|PBX on irc #painkiller.euro


New Seeds have been posted up and are available on the links above.

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  1. I’ve waited a year with patience.

    Are demos viewable yet? I don’t mean those pathetic eye-strain demos either. I was hoping those PCF clowns could get that figured out before *THIS* event.

    After more than a year, here we are with bugs bugs bugs and what do ya know, we can’t even watch demos (I think), and PK T.V? WTF is that? Do they know what this even is?

    God… what a shame. AC I’m sorry, but you’re full of sheet dude. Accept it, and move on my friend.

    TSN does the job, but reading scores is prolly what most of us are going to be doing.

  2. Well I’m still excited about the Tour, but it does suck that the demos won’t be quality. I’ll still watch some of them.

  3. i caught a glimpse of tvsn! its down now though. its really great to have video coverage of live matches when its working though

  4. I had to go to Gotfrag to get any current or up to date standings. So if you’re thinking the CPL page has updated anything, think again. Shocking isn’t it?

  5. Ofcourse I could be wrong, they stopped the 64 and went on to the 34 I have come to find out.

    We have some upsets already, this will be interesting.

    Akiles is looking strong.

  6. TsN video stream seems to come and go, but audio is good most of the time.

    The games I’ve listened to so far, TsN talked about:

    1. Lexer being lots of aiming skill, and not as much movement skill as some other players, but saw him doing well against Maddog.

    2. Ztrider looking very strong on Meatless where some of the other players seem to be complaining about it a bit. Giving Vo0 a hard time taking a map off him.

    3. Worre sounded as though he was doing well (beating Wombat and Dj), but I’m not sure that his matches were covered.

    4. Gellesak finding things hard after his first games (losing to Dj), and talk of him throwing a chair in annoyance.

    If anyone has anything to add, please add comments 🙂

  7. vo0 > neok: 2-0
    akiles > daler: 2-0
    worre > dj: 2-0
    fatal1ty > tronic: 2-0
    stermy > zaccubus: 2-1
    forrest < lexer: 1-2
    stelam > rat: 2-0
    destrukt < zyz: 0-2

  8. Next games (upper bracket):

    Sander Kaasjager (fnatic.Vo0) vs Alvaro Romero (All*Akiles)
    Viktor Liljeblad (d.worre) vs Johnathan Wendel (Fatal1ty)
    Alessandro Avallone (Stermy) vs Alexey Nesterov (LeXeR)
    Stephan Lammert (SK|SteLam) vs Benjamin Bohrmann (SK|zyz)

  9. Next games (lower bracket):

    Alexander Ingarv (Ztrider) vs (Dan Marshall (KuuLa) vs Antti Tolvanen (fc-rat))
    David Treacy (zaccubus) vs (Andrew Ryder (Gellehsak) vs Nicola Geretti (forrest))
    Dennis Heimbert (riZe`snapcase) vs (Meng Yang (Rocket Boy) vs Carlos Cid (dj))
    Fredrik Edesater (Aim) vs (Brian Grapatin (nts`zen) vs Sean Price (daler))

  10. rat > kuula: 2-1
    forrest > gellesak: 2-1
    riZe`snapcase > team9|tRONic: 2-0
    Rocket Boy > dj: 2-0
    daler > nts`zen: 2-1
    Aim > SK|neok: 2-0
    fatal1ty > worre: 2-1
    stermy > lexer: 2-0
    Ztrider > rat: 2-0
    forrest > zaccubus: 2-1
    Rocket Boy > riZe`snapcase: 2-1
    daler > Aim: 2-1
    stelam > zyz: 2-?

  11. Meatless is a great map, one can only remind people the time spent crafting that map. Anything else from Tectonic on the horizon, I do believe I saw a 3Dlayout, which looked very nice — Tectonic….?

  12. I found a bug in a match last night on meatless. In the bronze armor room the boxes with the electrodriver behind them, you can get stuck inbetween them then die due to gravity.

  13. olsdirty, you should email tectonic with that bug, although I doubt it will get fixed now that it has been used successfully in the CPL.

  14. Well I’m sorry to hear that a bug has been found now that the final release is out. We have no more releases planned unless we get sponsorship for the map, in which case that bug and another small bug will be fixed along with the sponsored release.

    pha3z and I are currently in the planning stages for a new map. We have already thrown out some ideas that we previously had, so anything you may have seen in the planning stages previously is now null. I’m not sure yet whether or not pha3z will be in for the long-haul on this second map. Either way, there will be another 1v1 map with my name on it.

    Good idea on the channel. I’ll idle. Feel free to ask me anything you think I might know about. 😉

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