Stelam Wins CPL SPAIN!

SK|Stelam has just defeated Fnatic`Vo0 in the Grand Final of CPL Spain Painkiller. In one of the best matches ever seen, the lead went back and forth with tremendous comebacks from both players during the course of the 5 map match (Vo0 winning the first match 2 (Absinthe/DM_Meatless) – 1 (Sacred), and losing 2 (Sacred/Meatless) – 0 in the second). (Sacred 22-14; Meatless 19:25; Absinthe 21-25)(Sacred 15-14; Meatless 21-16)

Congratulations to both players for a fantastic match. TVSN was provided by TSN during the event and they overcame some bandwidth and technical issues to once again save the day coverage wise. Shout outs to those guys.

With CPL Brazil only 26 days away, Will we see yet a new champion emerge from the plethora of good players out there? Time will tell!

vo0, stermy, zyz and fatal1ty have qualified for the wt grand final based off of CPL Turkey.
stelam, ztrider, lexer and forrest have qualified for the wt grand final based off of CPL Spain.

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0 thoughts on “Stelam Wins CPL SPAIN!

  1. These were the best Painkiller matches I’ve seen so far. Hopefully we’ll see some demos for those who couldn’t watch this live.

  2. Given that WMP/Winamp streaming technology, which has had thousands of hours of testing and development, struggled to deliver a stable feed via TVsN… and that CPL had problems in providing HLTV, a highly developed spectator proxy, for this event… I wouldn’t pin too much hope on a completely untested PKTV working ‘out-of-the-box’.

    Also, even if they released it today; with only 25 days to Brazil, it would not qualify to be used with the 30-day patch cool-down period used by the CPL.

  3. Ain’t that the truth Blowfish.

    Stelam surprised the hell out of me. Was is practicing with one of the worlds best in zyz? Was it the rocket fix, or was it just an improved Stelam?

    PK are the worlds best.

  4. Vo0 mentioned excessive WoW gaming might have had effect in him focusing more on practicing to maintain his game, rather than to improve it :- but I wouldn’t take that away from an improved and motivated Stelam I think. Stelam also mentioned thanks to Lexer who had given him some good pre-game encouragements which no doubt helped with nerves.

    Perhaps it is healthy for interest in the tournaments that vo0’s domination record has been broken, making the results less predictable now.

    On the rocketfix/rocket jump side of things, there was some really impressive rocket play in the games showing lots of skill, and I hope there’s chance to see those again in demos or tvsn avi’s when they become available. My preference would be TVsN avi since I think the commentry adds a lot.

  5. Thanks for the up to date brackets, pkeuro. Between you and TsN, and TVsN, I could keep up with the progress of the tournament no matter where I was…GG

  6. ChOu I would think that would be the place to look when they actually post them.

    I would also give Stelam full credit, because I never listened to excuses.

    Anyways, as an example…

    He went from 5-8th place? To number 1! He obviously improved and had an amazing tournament.

  7. Hehe, lexer did tell me he gave stelam some tips 😉

    Was an amazing final, highest skill i’ve seen ..

    Vo0 has already gone undefeated for a whole year now, so np 🙂

  8. gg both

    never expected to see Vo0 going down on the second Stop, i thought it would happen among the last 3 Stops.

    i’m looking forward for demos/avi’s.

  9. blowfish: I actually have some of the audio commentary without buffering from the finals from tsn, when the demos come up, I will post them here together with the commentary.

  10. demos for what…the way demo system works, it’s just useless to watch the demos 🙁 (sad, but true)
    At least, a nice demo system would be great…thinking on priorities, I tought that had to be prior to linux ded server but it didn’t happend 🙁
    I’m watching it fall…but I’ll wait until WT is over.

  11. Here’s to hoping the PK++ team just forges ahead and fixes this. Whatever PCF tells you, don’t listen. Just do something. For the love of GOD, do something! 😉

  12. Yes but psycho = 2 weapons , 2 armors and easy spawnfrags while this map has all weapons, armors and it is not as random as psycho.

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