World Tour Brazil Stop Details

The CPL World Tour Stop in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will take place May 27 to May 29, at the Sheraton Rio & Towers Hotel (

Located at the seashore, with the largest recreation area of the city, the Sheraton Rio offers a tropical ambience that everyone wants to experience when visiting Rio de Janeiro. The hotel is located in a wonderful tropical vegetation oasis, over a beach touched by the Atlantic Ocean waters, and surrounded by mountains. The Hotel also has private access to the beach.

Sheraton Accommodations Package: Sheraton has exclusive packages for gamers and guests of the World Tour Stop in Brazil, the double room rate per night is R$240,00 (plus taxes) – about $100 USD – with breakfast included. To get this package the reservation must be made before May 20 at (55 21) 2274-1122 and you must use this special discount code: MARK050525.

IMPORTANT: Note that the dates chosen for Brazil Stop will be on a four-day holiday in Brazil, and the city may be very crowded with tourists. We strongly recommend that participants make hotel reservations early.

Address: Located at Niemeyer Avenue, 121, in Leblon neighborhood, between the famous Ipanema Beach and the new Barra da Tijuca neighborhood. Pictures and map can be found at the English version of the CPL WT Brazil Stop website: ( )

Players who register for the Official $50,000 Painkiller competition also get the chance to participate in the City Tour through the most acclaimed tourist spots of Rio de Janeiro on Thursday, May 26, 2005. The English spoken tour, includes the Corcovado, Pão de Açúcar, the main beaches and lunch at one of the most celebrated food specialties in Brazil: a “churrascaria” steakhouse, at Barra da Tijuca beach.

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  1. guess they wont be able to sell that many copies cuz of UT2k7 and Q4 coming next year and if Q4 is as good as Q3 and UT2k7 as good as UT99 then those games will be the only big shooters besides CSS/cs1.6 so i guess it’ll be hard for PK2…

  2. Silas: After how pcf/dc behaved this time I very very much doubt that CPL will ever consider using a game from either of the companys again.

  3. …unless of course PK2 was already agreed as part of the original CPL-DC contract… but as much as CPL would have wanted to ‘own’ a game after seemingly being shunned elsewhere, it would be surprising brave for such a large contract to be agreed by the CPL. Perhaps if this was the case you could argue that the CPL risk with PK, was based more on a game being developed-with-the-CPL-in-mind, rather than solely a game being fixed-with-the-CPL-in-mind… I speculate that when the CPL negotiated with DC, PK2 was already somewhere in the back of DC’s mind – I wonder if it was mentioned though. If CPL had wanted a 100% effort from a contract for this year alone, I cannot understand why they are not furious with DC for not having met the basic deliverables so far.. perhaps if they were conscious of a large amount of work being done on PK2 on their behalf as part of the contract, they would be more lenient for the lack of work on PK.

    Obviously here I am just following a logical progression of a speculative idea, and I really don’t believe this to be the case.

    If it isn’t PK2, then the next WT game is also open to speculation on the basis of the only hint being in the words, so far, of Angel during a TsN interview, which if memory serves correctly, claimed that the next WT would be ‘popular with the community’. He implied that lessons had been learnt from PK, and that it had been the right choice at the time… perhaps words which are more about saving-face than a honest appraisal of the choice.

  4. Q4 wont become WT game as Tonya said, ID software and CLP are like fire and water 2 total opposite’s. I’d quess pk2 or ut2007

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