World Tour Stop Changed!

The CPL announced that it has revised the sequence of its $1,000,000 World Tour Stops to accept an invitation to host the Swedish stop at the world’s largest computer festival: DreamHack. The Swedish World Tour stop, hosting a $50,000 one-versus-one Painkiller competition, will now take place June 16-19, 2005 in Jonkoping, Sweden at the Elmia Convention Center.

Over 5,000 gamers are expected to attend the DreamHack festival this year. The online registration for the Swedish stop will launch next week at the CPL’s registration website located at Furthermore, the stop in Germany has been moved to August and the stop in the United Kingdom to September.

For more info go to CPL`s Homepage at:

0 thoughts on “World Tour Stop Changed!

  1. they dont realise that changing this shit over and over again actually is bad for the ppl who already sorted their flights out….they did the same with CPL Spain and its really bad and for what I’ve heard is that some sponsors where actually doubting if the CPL is a safe event because of all these changes…

  2. sharpen,

    What you posted *almost* sounds intelligent. That fact is that the CPL sponsors were all part of the decision to move the Sedish dates and no one could have had airline tickets for the Germany Stop because CPL never announced the dates.

    Ok? ok.

  3. hope they will seperate the networks on that lan. cause otherways its quite risky that the power is going off all the time like its usual on those big lans

  4. Nice work i agree too but you still need to improve zoning on your maps 🙁 Even with 125fps constant it’s laggy…

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